Are you making these top 3 workout mistakes?

Happy Tuesday,

Don’t let these common exercise slip ups sabotage all your hard work. These 3 easy fixes can help you avoid injury and tighten and tone all over!!

Lets dive in: The first one is for the LADIES!!

1. Ladies are you afraid to lift heavy, and challenge your muscles because your afraid your gonna get big and bulky like your man?

You gotta kick this fear to the curb, it’s never going to happen. Men are pumped with Testosterone, that’s what makes them so manly and hairy.!! lol! We don’t have those levels of testosterone in our bodies, so we will never have to worry about getting to “big” or bulking up, unless your taking some kind of supplement on the side.

Lifting heavy allows your muscles to tear and repair, which is what you want to achieve those beautiful toned Michelle Obama arms! Man she’s got great arms. Lifting heavier, tones you up in less time!! So put down your cute little 5 pounder and get your hands on some bigger lbs and get it crankin- were hanging with the big dawgs now!!

I like to switch it up, some days I lift lighter, with more reps, and others, I lift heavier with less reps. It’s good to switch it up, you want to keep your muscles guessing, so they don’t get lazy on you.

2. Do you put your weight in your heels or toes when you squat?

Squats are hands down Amaz-balls. They are one of the best glute and quad sculptors out there because they engage a lot of muscle groups at one time. The key to the SQUAT is this:

You want to keep the weight in your HEELS!! That will keep the engagement and tension on your glutes, hammies, and quads. Also putting weight on your toes is rough on the knees, and also creates instability.

So do a toe wiggle test before you get started:

Make sure your can easily get your toes off the ground
make sure your weight is in your heels. Press through your heels when you come up, and SQUEEZE THAT BOOTY!!

*Another quick squat type
don’t lock your knee’s when you come to the top. so don’t completely straighten your legs when you stand up- keep your knee’s slightly flexed, insuring your quads, and glutes are engaged the whole time.

If you have really tight hips- you can turn your toes outward about 40 degrees- this will allow for more movement and take the pressure of your knees.

3. Do you do hundreds of crunches a day to fight belly fat?

Abs are made in the kitchen. Crunches firm the muscles that lie underneath the fat. They don’t actually melt the fat away for you. You want to blast the fat first with strength training and cardio and then build the abs on top of that. Make sure you have more calories going out then coming in.

You also don’t want to build abs on top of a weak core. The Rectus Abdominis are the muscles that give you that 6 pack look- they rest on top of the deeper core muscles. The transverse abdominis and the obliques are the deeper abdominal muscles that are like your internal griddle. Woking those muscles keep you zipped up and pulls everything in nice and tight- like spanx.!! So you want to build a strong solid foundation, before you start trying for a 6 pack.

You want to do movements that engage your entire core, and activate those deep abdominal muscles like- Plank, V- sit ups, flutter kicks, and side plank to name a few.

So take these few tips into your next sweat session, and feel and see the results!

Have a great rest of your week!

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