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Why do we love our Kettlebells so much?  We are so happy you asked……….

Kettlebells are freakin, absolutely amazing.  They improve balance, stability of joints, tendons, and work your core to the max!.  They increase power, coordination, and flexibility, while building amazing core strength, blasting fat, and revealing beautiful muscle tone. Need we say more?!!

But, there is so much more to be said……..

Kettlebell training integrates many systems simultaneously which means more muscles are activated and working at the same time.

The more muscles that are engaged, the more calories are being burned. Basically, you get more bang for your buck!! CHA CHING!! Most KB movements are dynamic, so your getting cardio, resistance, and endurance training all wrapped up into one KICK ASS workout, which is amazing!!

Our motto is:


The Kettlebell is universally recognizable by it’s odd shape. The cannonball looking thing with a handle.  Well, turns out that odd shape is actually one of its best assets. The weight of a kettlebell is not evenly distributed, which means you have to counterbalance the weight for every movement.  How do we do that??

WE HAVE TO ENGAGE OUR CORE!! So whether it’s the infamous swing, or standard bicep curls, you are strengthen and tightening your core every time.


We as humans have become sedentary, even in the gym.

(ie. Fitness machines). Fitness machines promote sedentary movements, they lack results, and can be outright dangerous due to restricting natural body movement.  Kettlebells are the exact opposite, they promote a return to basic physical fitness and movement.  Basic physical fitness basically means that you are able to move without pain in a coordinated and unimpeded way, while meeting the required demands of every day life.  Meaning that you should be able to carry groceries up a flight of stairs with out pain or difficulty.

Kettlebells have not only personally made us stronger, leaner, aerobically fit, and more cut.  Our everyday life has improved.  I (Erran) was plagued by past shoulder and knee injuries that caused pain and discomfort on a regular basis.  Kettlebells improved my tendons and joints by strengthening and stabilizing them, resulting in no more pain during movement or lifting, allowing me to become stronger and less prone to injury.

Kettlebells provide a challenging, never-dull, and actually fun way  to workout, not to mention they are completely mobile.  You can take your kettlebells to the park, beach, front/back yard, garage, living room, etc.   Kettlebells do not discriminate, and they are made for all ages, genders, body types and fitness levels. They range from 2 pounds all the way to well over 100 pounds, so there is something for everyone. The best part is you only need 2 KB to really get started, and bust out a full body workout. A smaller weight for upper body and abs, and a heavier weight for lower body work.

We would recommend for beginners, depending on fitness levels to start with:

WOMEN:                                                    MEN:

Upper Body & Abs                                    Upper Body & Abs

10-15 pounds                                              20-35 pounds

Lower Body:                                                Lower Body:

20-35 pounds                                               35-50 pounds

That’s a great place to begin, and then overtime you can add weight as you become stronger. We would also recommend if you wanted to invest in a few more KB’s- for women to have two -5-10 pound weights- great for high rep arm work, and men to have two 15-25 pounds weight for high rep arm work.

Because of all these amazing benefits and the amount of movements you can do with a Kettlebell, Kettlebells have become our Niche, and go to for our everyday workouts. Most of our workouts on this site will require two KB’s. That is all you’ll need to get a heart pumpin, fat burnin, calorie tourchin, full body workout in under 35 minutes!!! Best part is you can get your work out on anytime, anywhere. Just grab your Bells, print the workout for the day, and squeeze it in when you can!!

Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years, but have only recently become popular in the US.  People are finding out how awesome they’re and they are now starting to pop up everywhere! We hope that you grab your own set of bells, and get your SWEAT & SWANG on with us every week at Get Fit From Within!! Click Here to Become a Get Fit From Within Member!

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