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I wanted to riff a little bit about stepping out of your comfort zone. This has been a theme for me the last few weeks, and my fears of putting myself out there have been super loud and consuming!! This has been one of my greatest lessons and challenges over the years. I’m definitely now more comfortable being uncomfortable, but It’s something I work on each and every day.

I used to NEVER step out of my comfort zone. If it was new, or felt strange at all, it was always a HELL NO. I always made the excuse, “I’m good, I don’t need to make any new friends”, or “try something new, what for?”- “I’m happy right where I am.” I would hide behind that false belief system because I was so terrified to put myself out there. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do, what to say, or I would look silly, or no one would like me. So it felt easier for me to play it safe, and just stay put. Those fears and insecurities held me back from so many experiences and relationships in my life. Always feeling stuck, and complacent I realized If I ever wanted to grow, I needed a new perception, and I needed it fast.

When I began getting more connected and grounded in who I am, I became confident, happy, and more open. I began making it a priority every day to do one thing that gave me butterflies. I would try a new workout class alone, meet a new friend for a cup of tea, post a blog, share my opinion, tell a story, ect. Whatever it was, if my initial gut said OH NO- I CAN’T, I went for it. I had to train myself essential to override that NO- and turn it into a HELL YES, I got this!!

I pushed through the discomfort, and ended up surprising myself with how much fun I was having. After I got over the initial, I’m going to throw up drama, It was actually pretty easy. All I had to do was show up, be myself, and just have an open mind. Sounds easy enough right? Over time it began to feel effortless, and I was making decisions with ease. I had strengthened and flexed that muscle and It became second nature. I felt so free, and untethered to my fears, and it felt so good!!

With Erran and I building our business, it requires, a lot of change, learning, challenges, and A WHOLE LOT OF PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE!! So the last few weeks, the discomfort & vulnerability noise has been turned up pretty high. I found myself back to making excuses, and hiding behind my fears, and comfort zone.

Like everything it was a good lesson, and I wanted to share it with you guys!!



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