It took us 3 planes….way to many times zones to count……and 28 plus hours…..but we have officially made it to Bali!! Wahoo!!!

We wanted to give ourselves a few days just to ease into this new experience. We weren’t sure how we were going to feel after our travel…so we got a cheap place to crash for a few days.

We spent 3 nights in Seminyak..which is in southern Bali…It’s pretty much where all the Aussie’s come for holiday (vacation) and to party hardy!!

Our place was “cozy” to say the least!!    IMG_8626

We rented a room for $15 bucks a night on a family compound….

The perks….

We got to interact and see how the locals live

The downside….

-There was no private space

-You had to shower over the toilet…not a fan!!!

-There was No kitchen so we had to leave our room every time we were hungry….which is pretty often

-There were dozens of birds in cages and roosters….so needless to say it was a little noisy

We are so grateful to be in Bali and to be able to have this incredible adventure…but the strangest thing happened to me on day 3….something, I was definitely not expecting!!

FullSizeRender 9I woke feeling home sick….sad….and incredible lost……

Everything felt hard….Nothing felt easy….I missed the easiness of being home….I felt very very far from my comfort zone and everything that comfort zone represented….I missed my daily routine… quiet mornings ALONE…my green smoothies…..I miss every thing!! lol!!

I knew living on the other side of the world would be different…..I knew it would be a transition….but in that moment it felt unbearable….I questioned everything…

I felt like a fraud….I had this burning desire to travel the world…I wanted so deeply to live simple and to be FREE….I wanted live with out expectations, control and to be able to let go of what I thought I “needed”….

I wanted to be sooooo adventurous and live outside my comfort zone…It all sounded sooooo good….in theory…..but in reality…was I really cut out for this way of living!! Could I really do this?…..

I felt so lost!!!!! I felt so out of alignment with my purpose….. What did I really want?

I didn’t feel sure about anything….so i broke down!!! I cried….I let all my emotions come to the surface and I just lost it!!!

Luckily I have literally the best support system in the world!! I leaned on all the love that was around me to help restore my thoughts and energy back to peace…back to truth…I called on My amazing husband….my mom….my sister….God… inner teacher….All my spirit guides…IMG_8349 2

I took a time out from everything else that was going on, and found the silence and the space to reconnect…to return back to my center… return home to my heart!! FullSizeRender 8

I’d felt so out of alignment and disconnected from myself with all the craziness of the past month….I’d totally put my self care on the back burner…and because of that..I’d lost my way!!!

So I took the time I needed and listened from within.

Today I woke up and felt like a weight had been lifted!! I felt at peace…I felt excited again… I felt inspired….I knew I was exactly where I needed to be….

I felt ready to embrace this new….totally different way of living… Immerse myself in this new culture…..get lost in this adventure and just roll with it!!

I’m such a creature of habit and I can be a total control freak…..I like routine….I prefer plans…and that’s totally ok….but I’m learning to let go of the reins a little bit and just relax into the unknown….and trust that I’m totally loved, supported and guided every step of the way!!!

I know there will be plenty of lessons to learn…we welcome them all as opportunities for more healing and growth!!

The biggest lesson I’ve personally learned so far is that my self care and spiritual practice is the driving force of my life….It is the corner stone of everything else I do..and it is my number one priority… and when I don’t honor those needs….My whole life becomes fuzzy…I become a hot mess…I feel lost…my light dulls and life gets super hard!!!IMG_8333


Right now we are on a boat crossing the Indian Ocean and heading to the Gili Islands!!! Thats kind of amazing!!!!

I stopped writing this blog on the boat because I got super duper sea sick… no beuno!! Another lesson…take Dramamine…!!

But we made it… I made it!! We are here in the Gili Islands and it feels amazing!!

We woke up this morning…mediated….journaled…and enjoyed the quiet!!

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