So were sitting in the Kuala Lumpur airport….getting ready to board our flight back to Bali…after our midweek…. Big City getaway!

You know that feeling you get when your packing up from an awesome vacay…and your heading home…returning back to the grind…back to reality…back to work…and you feel kind of sad?

Like your just not ready to return back to the “Real World.” Like you wish you just had a few extra days to veg out!

Well that’s how we always use to feel anyway…every time!!

We dreaded the feeling of returning back to the 9-5 grind that left very little time for us to explore our passions…and the career’s that felt like they sucked the life out of our souls…the career’s that left us feeling empty, flat, and uninspired at the end of each very long day!

We were very grateful for these jobs…they invested in our dreams, and supported us financially…we just knew in our hearts, that these jobs were not what we were suppose to be doing for the rest of our lives!

So our return flights were always filled with teary eyes and sad faces!!

But today as we boarded our flight to return home….we felt totally different……

We were heading “Home.” At least our home for the time being…Our home for the next 14 days!

We were heading back to our new routine..our new grind…our new work flow….and we were super freakin excited about it!!

We feel excited because everything we are choosing to work on right now are things that light us up….are things that bring us to life…are things that make our souls smile!!! IMG_2076

We’ve created this life where we have freedom and space to work on all the things that are inspiring us right now…in this moment…We have space to breath…we have time to listen..Our passions have space to simmer…percolate and come to life….we have time to figure out what we want to do with our lives…LOL!! we have the time to read inspiring books….meditate as long as we want…write blogs…shoot vlogs….explore Bali….Whatevs!

We can simply just slow down….and do what feels GOOD!!

There is quote we love that says “create a life you don’t need a vacation from”…and today in the airport…heading home…in that moment…we understood exactly what that life felt like!!

We chose to step out of our comfort zones in a BIG BIG way and create a life that supported our deepest desires!!

It’s not always’s definitely not always glamorous..and some days we wonder what the F we’re doing…but we’re figuring it out one day at a time…

Something about being in the big city energy of Kuala Lumpur…the feeling of being on vacay…and then returning home…triggered us.…and we felt soo blessed…and so incredible grateful to be returning to this life we’ve created that feels so freeing…so expansive…and so full of possibility!!

We CHOOSE how we want to live our lives…Anything is Possible when you follow your heart, and get direction from within….

We don’t know how long we will be on the road…how long we can make this work…will we have to return before we’re ready?….

I have know idea.. but each day we are CHOOSING to show up….we are CHOOSING to move forward…we are CHOOSING to live this unconventional life..not because it makes sense…but because it FEELS so freakin good…and we know in our hearts this is where we are meant to be…in this moment….in the NOW!

So we CHOOSE to keep going!!

What a beautiful gift we are given each moment..everyday…The gift of CHOICE..We can CHOOSE…CHOOSE again…& then CHOOSE again!

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