IMG_6467So as you may have noticed The Gipson’s have been MIA for the last few weeks. We’ve recently transitioned from California to Seattle. We’ve embraced the change and are so excited for this next adventure, but we’ve definitely been out of our flow for the last few weeks, to say the least.

We decided to take this move and turn it into an adventure. We took the slow- like 30 mile an hour slow in a budget truck- down winding mountain roads-along beautiful coastline- down the sand dunes of Oregon, and through ginormous, grand absolutely breath taking red wood trees- for the journey of a lifetime.

Well at least it was for us. We’ve been dreaming of renting a camper and driving up the northwest coast for years. And here it was, an opportunity to do just that- a dream come true!! We were going to take full advantage of living out this dream to the fullest extent. We may not have been in an RV- but a budget truck that goes 30 is a close second right?!!

And that’s exactly what we did. We checkout out of our “real lives” our business life and embraced life on the road. We set aside responsibilities, to do lists, exercise regiments, “food restrictions”, stresses, emails, plans- we let it all go- and just fully showed up for this experience 100%!!

We took our time, stayed present and embraced each and every moment. We took in all the beauty that was around us- all 800+ miles of it! Every single view was magnificent. There were shades of green out of this world around every turn. It was amazing to take it all. Especially coming from Cali, where unfortunately they is still a terrible drought, and everything looks like a desert. So for us Green was fresh, Green was clean, Green was new.

We pretty much documented everything, and we took tons of pictures of all of our adventures. You can check out all the pics on our FB page-

Since we were in vaca mode- like I said we threw all our rules out the window and just did whatever the F we wanted! lol! As it should be on Vacation right?!!

We hadn’t taken a vacation or had done much of anything really since we started our business this year- so this feeling of no structure, no time frames, no to-do’s was totally brand new to us-and it felt good, it felt weird, it felt uncomfortable, and we were trying to figure it all out as we went along.

There were 2 major take aways from this mini escape from reality- one was sour and one was sweet, and i’ll share them both. Get it like the sour patch kids- first ther sour then their sweet! lol!! Maybe that’s an inside joke- but we thought it was pretty HaHa!! 

First lets start with the sweet:

We realized we needed to find more of a work/life balance. For the last 6-7 months, we’ve kind of been living like hermits- locked up in our apartment creating our membership site- Which is incredible and we needed that time to shut ourselves out from the world and just have laser focus on our business and what we were creating. It was what needed to be done at the time, but we realized with this time away from the cave, we were ready to begin a new phase- one that entails more freedom, balance, and dare I say it- a social life!!

We are social, we are adventurous, we love to explore, we love to meet new people, we love to have brunch, and eat pizza and drink beer from time to time. It felt so good to be taking the time to do the things that we love so much! We hiked, and explored our new city, we talked for hours about anything but our business, we did beer tastings, we met new friends, we tried new restaurants, we BBQ’d, we explored new yoga classes- all the things that light us up, and spark our inspiration!

We talk about balance in our business, and we believe whole heartedly in finding a healthy balance that feels good to you- but we weren’t taking our own advice.

*Side note- of course when you are building a business it takes time, hard work, sacrifices, dedication, and focus- it takes locking yourself in a room and creating- that is a given and we are so grateful we had the time and space to do just that! But this experience opened our eyes to realize it’s time to step out of the cave a little bit and back into the light.

I think it’s easy to get lost in being an “online” Entrepreneur, you can become very isolated, and you forget sometimes to step away from your computers, close down Facebook,  and have real-face to face connections with real people.

We love love love our business and we love the work were doing, so sometimes it’s hard to step away. This entrepreneurial life is a learning curve for us, and we are just learning as we go. Taking inventory of what works and what doesn’t. Doing what feels good and eliminating what doesn’t. Its a process and it requires daily check ins and reflection.

Ok so now for the sour: This one is a no brainer

So we are pretty healthy, fit, and motivated people- most of the time. We are used to working out 4-5 days a week and eating a pretty clean, healthy diet- 80%-ish of the time. So going almost 3 weeks with no real exercise and eating- pretty much whatever we wanted- which just happened to be pizza, bread, sushi, beer(there are craft breweries everywhere) cheese, ooh and did I mention bread, we were exhausted!!

We had very low energy and not a whole lot of motivation. I’m not sure whether or not it’s the gloomy Seattle mornings, or the fact that we were in food coma’s, but we slept in pretty much everyday until about 9:30!! Which for us is late- we are up pretty much everyday 7:30-8 ready to go!!

Our clothes got tight, like really tight, like my stretchy yoga pants were uncomfortable!! lol! true story!! We were bloated, my face was completely broken out(damn cheese), and we could fall asleep standing up!! But it wasn’t about the pounds, it was the fact that we just didn’t feel good- we didn’t feel comfortable in our bodies, and we felt like crap-ola

WE knew it was temporary, we tried not to be so hard on ourselves, which was challenging at times (that’s a blog for another time), but boy were we ready to eat some greens, cook some home cooked meals, and to bust out a one of our ah-mazing Get Fit From Within Workouts!!

We are slowly finding our way back into our flow. Our philosophy is everything is ok in moderation. We had so much fun, we laughed, we explored, we drank, we ate, we met new friends, and it was all worth each and every experience- but it sure feels good to be getting back into our flow, hitting the gym, and eating lots and lots of greens!!!

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We love you all!!


Kim & Erran


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