As we prepare to taxi, and take off into the dark starry night……into out new adventure….we are closing one chapter and beginning a new one!!

It feels so surreal…and yet so familiar. WE had this same feeling almost 5 years ago when we loaded up our cars…..sold our home….quit our “safe” jobs and crossed the Florida border into the unknown!!

As we head back east, back to where it all began…The Sunshine State….it’s incredible to look back on these past 4.5 years..and all the places we’ve lived, people we’ve met, and experiences we’ve had along the way.

Both of us pretty much grew up in small-ish towns in Florida…where you basically live in a bubble.

You develop your core principles and ideals based on you community and the people you surround yourself with. You only know what you know…you only understand what you are exposed to, you only learn what you are taught.

We always knew….both of us…..that we wanted to get out and see the world…we wanted to explore outside the walls of our bubble and far beyond our comfort zones.

Not in a way in which we were searching for something outside of ourselves to be happy, but more in a thirsty for life, hungry for adventure, live your dreams, feel inspired, YOLO kind of a way.

We knew in our souls we didn’t want to just live this conventional 9-5, work the grind, wait all week for the weekend, count the days until your 2 weeks off a year…buy a house…have some kids….kind of life.

We knew from the start that life just wasn’t for us. Not that there is anything wrong with that way of living…it just wasn’t our jam…it wasn’t how we wanted to CHOOSE to live our lives.

We just wanted to know more…to learn more…to see more. We wanted to expose ourselves to more then what we had right in front of us.

And so we figured out a way to do just that….

I think the coolest take away from our travels around the US is that, we learned there is so much life out there…there is so much color….there is so much culture and diversity….and incredible people…all within this amazing country we live in.

Everywhere we’ve lived has been so completely different and unique it’s own way.

Everywhere we’ve lived has had it’s own culture, personality, charm, and way of living! No two places were the same…and that’s what made it so fun, and such an eye opening experience.

Being exposed to the unknown or the unfamiliar opens you up in ways you never thought possible. it challenges you…it makes you think….it makes you question….it gives you fresh perspective…it makes you grow….it makes you understand… makes you appreciate….

Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!! The lessons you learn along the way are invaluable and life changing!

WE are definitely not the same people we were 4.5 years ago…not at all..not even a little bit….but in a good way…BUT IN A FREAKIN AWESOME WAY!!!

We are heading back to where our journey began…pausing for a minute…and then heading off to go on yet another life changing adventure…this time out of our country…and even more out of our comfort zone!!

Sometimes life goes so fast, and we’re always focused on whats next…whats next….we forget to pause…and reflect on the journey and what has lead us to this exact place we stand today…right this moment..taking off from Seattle Washington…

How did we get here!!!

From the east coast to the west, and many stops in between, It’s been quite a colorful journey!!

We wanted to take a moment and reflect on our adventure these past few years, and take a little stroll down memory lane!!  IMG_0368

Bye Bye Florida…We sold our very frist home



We sold everything and packed everything we could into our cars- and started making our way around the U.S.

First stop Atlanta IMG_0578.JPG copy


IMG_0426First time seeing FoliageIMG_0570


Jumping for joy at the top of Stone MountainIMG_0641


From Georgia we headed for Wisconsisn in the middle of winter!!


WIMG_0691e had to stay warm some how!! Das Boot!!




From Wisconsin we headed to Cali!! #CaliforniaDreaming




IMG_2775IMG_2344IMG_7907 2

From cali to Seattle….




From Seatle to Florida…From Florida to Bali..From Bali to Thailand….From Thailand to……WHO KNOWS!!!

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