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I believe figuring out and understanding your Why for anything you do in life is the overall key to success and longevity. Knowing and understanding the ins and outs of why you want something in particular will help you stay focused, clear, and motivated when things get difficult or you want to throw in the towel. You can always come back to core & truth of your desires.

This video is a little longer than normal, but I encourage you to watch it all the way through. I get really honest and open up about my own transformational journey, and the struggles I experienced along the way. I actually wasn’t planning on going into my own story on this blog, but it just came pouring through, so I rolled with it.

I hope this video opens you up, and inspires you in some way!! 💖

There are 4 key parts of the WHY Method:

Getting clear on what you want
Understanding why you want it
How will you feel when you receive it
What will it allow you to do

I’ll Talk about the 4 parts of the WHY method in my video below!

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