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I suffered with problem skin, and breakouts for pretty much all 30 years of my life! I started going to the Dermatologist when I was 16, and it went on from there. I tried everything under the sun to clear up my skin. Any cream, or magic pill I was down for anything! I even went so far as to put urine on my face! True story!! I don’t think it helped, but I did smell pretty bad!! LOL! Yes it was my own! Not one of my finest moments.

I was willing to try anything, and I mean anything to clear up those nasty, relentless , stubborn red bumps. I dreamed of effortless, glowing sun kissed skin. I was so jealous of those girls that washed their face with like dirt, but had the most flawless, glowing skin. LOL!! I mean like WTF, I was over here taking Accuntane for the second time, and my skin was so dry it was literally falling off my face. One day I was even mistaken for having cheese on my lips, because my lips were so chapped!! OMG- so humiliating!  it was not a good look- not cute at all!!

I always felt so embarrassed of my skin. I felt like it controlled me for so many years.  First thing when I would wake up in the morning, I would look at my skin in the mirror, and that would determine my mood and how my day would go. If I was having a bad skin day, which was most days, I would feel depressed and want to hide under the covers. I would be anti social, and keep to myself, because I didn’t want people to look at my skin. I felt hideous!!

I know that sounds a little dramatic, but for anyone out there that has struggled with problem skin, I know you totally get what I’m saying. You feel like everyone is looking at your skin, even though no one really is, but it doesn’t feel that way at the time. I always just wanted to be one of those girls who didn’t have to wear makeup all the time especially to the beach or the gym. They naturally looked amazing without a pound of concealer and foundation- which often times made it worse. If I went away with a boyfriend for a night, I wouldn’t wash my face because I didn’t want him to see me without makeup on. I would just put new makeup on over the old!! So gross to think about now, but that’s how much it effected me. Looking back on it now, it seems nuts I let my skin call the shots for all those years, but that was my reality, and it was very consuming.

After feeling defeated by yet another empty promise from one of my many magic pills or portions, I had had it.!! It had never occurred to me that maybe it could be what I was eating that was triggering and irritating my skin. I tried everything else so I thought it was worth a shot.

I started doing some research, and learned that what we eat really does effect our skin. You are what you eat essentially, so it made sense. I remember when I was a teenager people would always say “if you eat chocolate, you’ll break out.” Then I remember them coming back and saying actually what you eat has no effect on your skin, so eat up- and eat up I did. It was all so confusing.

So about a year ago, I got off all my “meds” cold turkey, and started experimenting with the foods I was eating. I want to share the number one thing I did that cleared up my skin without any potions, pills, or creams that make your skin fall off!! I had literally become one of those girls with the glowing, sun kissed skin I had alwasy dreamed about in just a few weeks!!

After 15 plus years of Dermatologist bills, and expensive prescriptions, everything I ever needed was right in my refrigerator!

So what was that one thing that changed my skin for good…………


I’m not saying you have to do that, this was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. Cheese and yogurt were my besties, and staples in my everyday diet. I read that there are some foods that can cause inflammation in the skin, and dairy, especially dairy milk was top of the list. So as an experiment I tossed the cheese for 2 weeks to see if I noticed a difference!! OMG, my skin cleared up instantly! I was actually kind of disappointed because I realized that dairy was the culprit, and I had to choose between clear skin, and cheese:( I waved goodbye to the cheese and embraced my new glow!!

There are certain foods that irritate our digestive track and cause inflammation in the body, which can result in skin irritations. Everyone is different, and everyone has different sensitivities, and some people have none at all- Lucky ducks!!  I encourage you to experiment for yourself, and take notice if you have any trigger foods.

With food sensitivities you will usually notice a reaction in your skin about 2-3 days after eating the food.

Top foods that can cause irritation:







I still eat cheese every now and again, because what’s a life without pizza, and ice cream right. I have balanced my gut flora over time, by using probiotics, digestive enzymes, and limiting the amount of irritant foods in my diet. So now when I do eat the occasional cheese pizza I don’t have as strong as a reaction as I used to. It’s calmed down a little bit, but I feel so much better all around when I’m not eating dairy, so I continue keep it at a minimum.

Cutting out food groups may seem daunting to some, and I don’t recommend doing so if it feels like to much for you. My purpose of sharing this, is that you may become more mindful and aware of how certain foods react in your body. WE tend to B-line it to the pharmacy when we have any issue at all, when sometimes all you need to do is head into your kitchen and switch things up a little bit. Many of our so called “issues” can be healed by the foods we eat. Food can be incredible healing, or toxic depending on your body, and how it reacts! So be mindful and connected to yourself, and see what works best for you!

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