So in 11 days!! I repeat 11 days!! We are officially beginning our South Asian Adventure. Kicking it all off with a 3 week trip home to Florida, to hang with our familieFBCovers for the holidays!!

WE have no idea where this journey will lead us, literally…all we know is we are off to Florida and then Bali…and then who knows…Well God knows..but he hasn’t told us yet!!!

Even though on paper, it probably doesn’t make the most sense for us to quit our 9-5 jobs, sell everything we own, backpack through SE Asia and leave all of our comforts on the other side of the world…..WE ARE DOING IT ANYWAY!!!

Because in our hearts, in the deep down depths of our souls, in our guts, we know that this is our next step!!!

It’s not something we can explain, or write out, it’s not even logical… it’s something we FEEL. It’s that inner knowing, that inner Teacher…that inner Guide…When it talks…WE LISTEN!!!

That feeling has never let us down…EVER!! Our faith, our trust, our knowing lies within that feeling…that Deep-Certain-Unwavering Connection to Truth.

When we say that “Feeling” we are referring to intuition, gut feeling, inner knowing, God, Love, inner, teacher….whatever you want to call it…whatever verbiage feels good to you..use it.Version 2

When we left Florida over 4 years ago, once again selling everything we owned, leaving our “safe” steady jobs, and saying goodbye to all of our friends a family, we had no idea what we were getting into…we just had that “feeling.”

We didn’t know how we would pay our bills, we had no savings, we drained our 401k’s, we didn’t know if work would be steady on the road…we bascially had no saftey net…we had no clue.

All we knew is that we had to go….we had no choice….Once again we heard THE calling….we had THE feeling…we tapped into that inner knowing…that gut feeling….IT SPOKE…AND WE LISTENED…

Thank God we didn’t let fear hold us back….Thank God we listened. That decision was the best decision we ever made! It was life changing….Mind blowing…Soul Expanding!!! OMG!!! It’s been an incredible journey, and has opened up so many doors, and adventures we never thought possible!!

And it all began with a “FEELING” that didn’t seem logical or make very much sense at the time- but we trusted, listened and went for it anyway!!!

We share this with you, in the hopes that you too can tune into your own inner knowing, your intuition, your gut feeling…whatever you want to call it….and create a relationship with it of your own understanding.

Because when you can learn to turn up the volume on that feeling, and begin to trust it…Life will begin to BLOW YOUR MIND!!Relax

You won’t always be questioning, doubting, or second guessing…you will feel more certainty and direction…Because you know that “feeling” is always guiding you down the right path.! You know that “feeling” has always got your back!!!

The first step is becoming aware of it….

You know that feeling were talking about. You can relate or remember a time when you felt it. When you just knew something. Or have you ever felt it, and chose not to listen to it, and then regretted it later? Yea that’s no fun!!!  Been there…Done that!!!

Sometimes it can feel scary to listen to that “feeling” because it seems so uncertain, unrealistic, or it may not be what you want…or what you think you need.

We totally get that..…

Like any relationship it takes time to build…it takes time to takes time to understand one another….

It takes practice!

Take it slow….Baby steps….Start to listen…How do you connect?..When do you feel in your flow?..When do you feel the most open?..When do you feel the most inspired and FREE?…

Maybe you tap in through prayer, or meditation, or journaling, or running, or hiking, or yoga, or writing, or painting, or listening to music…

Whatever it takes and However you do it….Tap in EVERYDAY…get intimate with it and make a conscious decision to turn up the volume.

All the answers you will ever need are already inside of you!!

All your Dreams, Passions Desires, and Inspirations….they already don’t have to find them…they are already inside of you….tapping…singing…dancing…trying to get your attention…trying to get you to hear them… so that YOU can let them out and THEY can lead the way!!!

To follow our adventure through South East Asia find us on IG..We will be sharing our entire experience everystep of they way…It’s gonna be EPIC!! @Getfitfromwithin37

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PPS..We love hearing from you….comment below….how do you tap in your gut feeings? How did you learn to listen?

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Kim & Erran

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