Let me ask you a question?  What is more appealing to you a Lighthouse or a Dark Alley?

According to Merriam-Webster the definition for a Lighthouse is, “a structure (as a tower) with a powerful light that gives continuous or intermittent signal to navigators.  I couldn’t find any formal written definitions for Dark Alleys, but here is mine.  A Dark Alley is a small walkway between two structures that is not well light, often very damp, smelly, scary, and triggers a feeling of being unsafe.  

Urban Alleyway with Puddles at Night

Lighthouses and Dark Alleys are total opposites. One is light and one is dark.  One is beautiful and the other is ugly.  One stands for safety and the other stands for danger.  One leads you out from danger, and the other pulls you in.

So where am I going with this? Hold that thought and let me take you back a bit.

My Grandparents are not only the two most amazing, kind, fun, and selfless people I know, they are also my relationship idols.  They have been married for 60+ years and have continued to love each other more and more each day.  They are truly the definition of what a marriage is and should be.  lighthouse-pictures-17

I’m extremely lucky and blessed not only to have them in my life, but the lessons they have taught are priceless.  They are truly two of my favorite people, and they have made such a positive and loving impact on my life. I can’t begin to thank them enough.

My Papa, Jack,  loves many things, first and foremost Nana, Football (Ohio State), Stocks, Reading, Space, Planes, Canadian Geese, Playing Cards, US Navy, Traveling, and Family.  

My Nana, Patricia, has her loves too, her number one is Papa, obviously, Football but I wonder sometimes if it isn’t football first, LOL, Nana loves her some football, Cooking, Playing Cards, Family, Traveling, Flamingos, and LIGHTHOUSES!!!  

One of my best memories as a kid, was when my Grandparents, Mom, Sister, and I took a trip in our motorhome from Titusville, FL all the way up the East Coast to Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada, and then all the way back.  I learned so much from that trip, like all the capitols of the States in the US, how many feet are in a mile, and so much more.  But one thing that stood out was Nana’s love for Lighthouses.

We would stay at specific KOA’s all over and especially in Michigan, so we could be next to her favorite Lighthouses.  My Nana and Papa would wake up early, get their coffee and breakfast and head down to the water, so Nana could see and be in the beauty and peace of her favorite symbols of protection.

After that trip I never thought much about these lighthouses, and never really connected the dots, until recently.  I always had a connection to them but could never quite put my finger on exactly why, until I started diving deep in to my spiritual practice, and the lighthouses kept coming up.

So, I bring you back to the question above.  What is more appealing a Lighthouse or a Dark Alley?  

The lighthouse is a symbol for spirituality, positivity, a beacon of Light and Safety.  Where as the Dark Alley represents negativity, fear, and ego.

So, if a picture of a Lighthouse and a Dark Alley was held up side by side. I guarantee you the lighthouse would be more appealing to the eye and our subconscious than the dark alley.

So why is it that when we are positive, joyous, and full of light, it is less appealing and usually overtaken by negativity, fear, and darkness.

Seriously, think about it!

You walk into work and a co-worker greets you with Good Morning, How are you?  And you answer, Good Morning, I’m great, it is such a beautiful morning, lets get this day rocking, its going to be awesome, (in your happiest most sincere voice), thanks for asking.  I mean that is a little over the top and dramatic, but you get my drift.  

Nine out of Ten times you will be answered back with whats up with you, must be nice feeling so happy.  Maybe even someone else in the office has something negative to throw in like, “What are you so happy about?”  

My question is why are we all stuck in the misery loves company mentality, why does positivity make people feel annoyed?   Why is it that negativity attracts more attention and comfort,  when a lighthouse is more appealing than a dark alley?  

We as people, especially now with America, and the world the way that it is, need more human lighthouses spreading light, not darkness. Guiding people out of danger and negativity, and into  positivity and love.

Next time you are in the presence of someone who is positive, acknowledge the positivity, and hopefully it will spread.  I don’t know about you, but feeling crappy, sad, unhappy, angry, upset, and frustrated is not the way I want to live.

We honestly have a short time on earth, and wasting time basking in the negativity is not the way that you would want to spend your time here.  So let’s change it right now.

Lighthouse’s will always be near and dear to my heart, because they remind me of my Grandparents, but it’s their symbol of positivity and spirituality that make me love them the most.

 I recently heard a quote from Annie Lamott in the book “Light is the New Black” that said, “Lighthouses don’t go running around all over an island looking for boats to save, they just stand there shining.”  

OMG, Really, How awesome was that quote?  Lets put that into terms, that we can put into action.

We are surrounded by so much negativity it’s exhausting.  We can’t run around to all areas of the world spreading positivity, but we can stand in our own shoes, continue to shine our own positivity and light to everyone around us.

As people come into our range of light and positivity they will be guided out of the fog and darkness and into the positivity and light that we bring everyday.  People are not a fan of unsolicited advice, so lets just be a lighthouse, and stand in our own place shining our truest light. 

Lighthouses are put in treacherous locations for a reason. They help guide ships out of danger, we can be those lighthouses.   In the most treacherous situations, we can continue to shine our light, and the people needing help and positivity will find us on their own.

I know life get’s tough and we all get down and negative, but if we keep that vision of our own internal lighthouse shining, we can bounce back quicker, and continue to spread our true light and love to all that need help navigating the rough, treacherous waters of life.

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