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Is your “Gut” making you unhappy? 🙁

I never realized how much our digestive tract ran the show. It’s not called the 2nd brain for no reason! The digestive system is a very complex, confusing mastermind.

In this blog I make it super simple for you to understand the importance of gut health, and how it effects your entire well being.  I also add in a few things you can do right now to feel better, and find overall balance.

Did you know that over 500 million different neurons lived in the digestive track? Or that 95% of Serotonin- you know that natural “high” we feel from time to time- our bodies natural feel “happy drug”- yea that one. It’s produced in our guts!! I had no idea!! Dopamine production also happens in our guts as well!

So when we’re feeling blue, down in the dumps, sad, sluggish, irritable, tired, or unmotivated, we may not need to jump on antidepressants right away or load up on caffeine. We may need to just check in with our guts and make sure it’s happy, well fed, and balanced!! Talk about high maintenance right?! When our gut is unhappy, it makes sure everyone know it, and that they’re unhappy to! What a meany!!

Did you know 70% of your immune system hangs out in your gut? It makes sense right? Your digestive system is one of the interfaces-(the other ons is your skin) that connects directly to the outside world. So of course it needs to be on stand by, and “protect” you from anything it feels is harmful, or toxic to your bodies! It’s pretty damn smart right? So it makes sense that people who have unhappy, unbalanced guts tend to get sick more often.

They say the HIGHWAY TO HEALTH is though the digestive system. When The Gut is off, it throws everything else off. Most sickness, illness, and chronic disease began in your gut.

So how can we give our guts that extra attention it needs and craves, and pretty much demands?! Well I’m gonna break down a few simple things you can do right now, that will replenish your gut health, and as a by product improve your overall well being.

Millions of bacteria take up residence in your digestive track so the goal is to create a balanced, harmonious environment, for everyone to play nice.

How does their cozy and safe environment get thrown off to begin with? There are a few contributing factors but the main culprits are:

1. Antibiotics
3. Pollutants
4. Viruses

Today we will just focus on the diet portion. Food is our best medicine, and it is the only thing we can control.

1. Be mindful of foods that irritate the DT & cause inflammation!! – They’re some foods out there that tend to irritate the lining of our digestive track, causing inflammation, allergies, and all kinds of issues. Everyone is different, and our bodies respond to foods very differently. Being mindful of the foods you are eating, and how you feel afterwards is important.

The signs to look for:

-Brain fog
-Feeling sluggish

The main trigger foods for most people, again not all people, we are all different, and no 2 bodies are the same. So again this is about being aware of what foods if any make you feel a little wonky.

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If you notice on a consistent basis, that you experience any of these symptoms about 3 days after eating them, you may want to eliminate that food from your diet for about 28 days. This gives your gut time to heal, and repair the bacteria imbalance. You may slowly incorporate that food back in and see if you notice a difference. Again this is an experimental process, and you want to do what makes you feel good, and what brings you relief.

For myself personally, I had pretty nasty cystic acne. It was all over my shoulders, my back, my chest and my face. They were deep, and painful and so not cute!! I jumped through hoops to clear it up. I tried everything under the sun, and every acne product I could get my hands on. It wasn’t until someone said, “have you tried cutting out dairy?” I was like uhh no I live on cheese and yogurt!! I had never thought my acne could be caused by something I was eating. So I decided to do an experiment, and cut out dairy- even cheese- GULP!! for 2 whole weeks and see if I noticed a difference. OMG- my skin cleared up instantly!! It was a miracle! LOL!! It’s been months since I’ve been off dairy, and every once in awhile I enjoy pizza or ice cream, and my reactions are slim to none. I feel so much better, and I have found great substitutes, so I don’t feel deprived!

Ok what are some other things you can do

2. Replenish your Probiotics– Probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut. These are your go to buddies. We loose many of our probiotics during the digestive process. The acid in our stomach kills many of them off. So you can either take a daily probiotic or you can eat foods that support and replenish those good bacteria- or do both! Which is what I did!

Food you can eat:

Fermented Foods- Kefir, Pickled veggies, sauerkraut
Cultured Foods- Kefir, Good yogurt

3. Take a Digestive Enzyme– Sometimes if our guts are struggling a little and need a kick in the booty, adding a digestive enzyme to help your DS break down your foods will do wonders for your overall health. If you notice yourself feeling sluggish or super bloated after you eat certain foods- take a digestive enzyme next time with that food, and see if you notice a difference.

I started taking a daily probiotic, and added a digestive enzyme only when I ate meat-because I notcied eating meat triggered me- and appartently ticked my gut off a little bit. This has changed my life- I was chronically bloated and super duper GASSY!! ALL THE TIME!! LOL! My poor husband can attest to this! Poor guy had to wear a gas mask for most our relationship! I just thought well I eat lots of veggies, so I’m just a gassy gal! It never occurred to me that I could have a gut imbalance- I’m happy to say that now- no gas masks are needed, and I very rarely feel bloated, unless I eat Chinese foos, but that’s just implied.

4. Add Ginger and Turmeric Root into your daily diet– These are great anti-inflammatory foods. An easy way to incorporate them each day is to throw them into your morning smoothies.

5. Eat lots of Greens-Greens promote healthy bacterial in the gut! So load up on salads, add extra extra kale to your morning green smoothies!!

6. Eat Lots O Fiber– You want to keep your system flowing on the reg. We want to empty out all those toxins and gunk we put into our bodies every day! I know I feel blocked, sluggish, and bogged down when I’m not regulary releasing all the stinky stuff! lol! Fiber is a sure way to loosen you up and get those babies flowin! Just another reason to eat our fruits and veggies!!

7. Drink lots of water– this is a no brainer. I say it all the time! Drinking water flushes out all the yuckies in our system! It purifies the toxins and keeps us hydrated and happy!!! Aim for half your body weight in oz. I like to add lemon for an extra cleansing boost!!

Bottom line- Happy, Balanced, Healthy Gut = Happy, Balanced, Healthy YOU!! Just try a few tweaks and see how amazing and light you begin to feel!!!

Hope you have an amazing rest of you week:)

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See you next week.


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