Allow yourself some quiet and some space to open up to these questions-Contemplate  them-Feel them-let them sink in- and allow yourself the time to explore and find the answers within!!!


Give yourself permission to go deep and write down your TRUTH!! Be honest, Be real, show up for yourself and get into it!!!!

This is just for you to see, so there is no judgement, no expectations, no right or wrong answers!!

Remember the relationship you build with yourself is the foundation and road map for everything else you do in your life!!

All the Happiness, All the Inspiration, All the Passion, All the Desires, All the Love, All the Support, All the Guidance…….

All of it… already within you!! It’s already there!! You don’t have to go out and find it- you don’t have to search for it…All you have to do is give yourself the space and the permission to peel back the layers, tap in and uncover it!!!

And once you do…you better GET READY…you better HOLD ON TIGHT… Because that’s when life gets really exciting!!

Here’s a few questions to get you started on your new journey of becoming your own best friend, loving yourself from the inside out, and living the life you truly desire!!!!


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The first Step…..Take some undistracted YOU time!!! 

*Make your YOU time a non-negotiable.  Do whatever you do that brings you to that place inside where you feel lit up, you feel inspired, you feel so connected to yourself, you feel happy, you feel creative, you feel in your joy!

Whatever gets you to that place…reading, meditating, writing, journaling, walking, listening to music, yoga, taking a bath, just sitting and breathing…

Whatever it is….Find it….And Freakin DO IT every single day!!  Even if it’s just for 20 minutes or 10 minutes it doesn’t matter…Make it a priority!! Make yourself a priority!!

Remember…When your filled up, when you feel happy, when you feel taken care of, everyone around you benefits!! Everyone WINS!!!

You must show up for yourself FIRST before you show up for anyone else!! You will be a better mother, wife, friend, business partner, & human being if you make time for yourself and you Know/Like/Love/Understand YOU!! #truth

We challenge you to a 30 day practice of making your YOU time a priority and a non-negotiable. EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 30 DAYS!!!

If you commit to this, we promise, You’ll feel so good, Life will feel so much easier….

You’ll have no choice but to keep it’ll never go back to putting yourself on the back burner ever again!!


We hope this exercise helps crack you open a little bit to who you really are, and who you are TO BE!!!

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