If your in Bali you have to do the Sunrise hike up Mt. Batur! It’s an absolute must!!

Mt. Batur is about an hour north of Ubud. It’s the second largest active volcano in Bali. It’s last eruption was in the year 2000.

How tough is this hike?:

Erran and I are both in pretty good shape and this hike was a challenge for us. Prepare to feel the burn in you muscles and to sweat your little booty off!!

You can totally do it!! I don’t want to discourage you in anyway….but I just want to prepare you…this is not a leisurely…easy peasy hike…up a hill!!

Your gonna work for it….But trust me…it is soooo worth it!! IMG_8942

IMPORTANT Hike Details:

-You start very early in the morning..You start hiking the trail around 3:30am, so you can make it to the top by sunrise

-Depending on where your coming from…you’ll have to head to the trail even earlier..we came from Ubud, and we left the house at 2am

-The hike takes about 2 -2.5 hours depending on how fast you go.. we took about an 1.5…but we love a challenge and basically ran up the damn thing! lol!

What to expect on the trail:

-The trail is about 2.5 miles straight up!! There is no Plateau..or leveling off…once you get going…your going UP UP UP for the next couple of miles.

-You can rest as often as you need to…there are a few spots on the way up that are covered, and there is usually someone there selling water, juices, Bingtang-lol, and other drinks and snacks. IMG_9061

-The trail is very rocky…there are loose rocks and gravel all the way up. There were a few points that I felt like I had to just crawl my way up…because it was so steep…I’m being a little dramatic…LOL!! but you get the idea here….it’s a pretty steep and rocky trail.

Important Things to Note about Hiking Mt. Batur:

-The only bathroom is at the very bottom of the trail, where you begin, so once you get on the trail…your on your own…so bring toilet paper.

-You will need a guide to take you up Mt. Batur. Your host or hotel will be able to hook you up with a guide to take you up. You can also sign up for the tour at one of the many tourist spots around town…but I would ask around where your staying first..you’ll probably get a better price. IMG_8951

-Your guide will provide the flash light for you

  • Your guide will take pictures of you at the top, or carry your bag…he will take good care of you!! Bring some cash to tip him at the end of your hike. We tipped our guide 200,000 Rupiah…which was A LOT…it’s like $14 dollars…but he was amazing. I wish I had his info to pass on…because he was so good!  Our host hooked us up with him, and doesn’t know how to find him again..so I don’t know about that..hmmmm…!!

-Some tours include breakfast at the top..which included a boiled egg…which they use the hot steam from the volcano to cook, and a banana. We packed PB & J’s and apples and we were good to go.

-They serve coffee and tea at the top…so make sure to bring some extra cash for that. You will def want something nice and warm once you cool down from the hike…it gets freezing at the top!!! I think we paid 30,000 rupiah per cup of coffee ..which is about $2 bucks

-You will not have the place to yourself at the top!! You will have lots of others to share the beautiful view with!! LOL!! It was a little crowded..but again totally worth it…your guide will give you a blanket..and find a little quiet corner to snuggle up and watch the sunrise!! IMG_8943

How much does it cost to hike Mt. Batur:

That’s a tough question to answer…because everything in Bali is negotiable, and depending on who you talk to, you will get quoted different prices. LOL! That’s just how it is here.

What we paid to hike Mt. Batur:

We paid 380,000 Rupiah each for the hike- which is about $28 bucks

We paid an additional 400,000 Rupiah for our ride…which is about $30 bucks

Our driver brought us and waited for us to be done…and took us home…which was so convenient So from 2am to about 10am…about 8 hours or so…

So all in all it cost us about $60ish bucks to hike Mt. Batur IMG_9016

Plus the tip for the guide and the tip to the driver…we tipped our driver 100,000 Rupiah about $7.50.

What you’ll need to bring:

-Lots of water…you will start off sweating and water will be your bestie

-Wear shoes with good tread!! I can’t stress this enough…you will slip and slide..especially on the way down..good shoes will make this way easier for you

-LAYERS!! It starts out super hot…wear a tank…and once you make it to the top and cool down..it’s super cold and windy!!! If you can even bring a change of clothes…it would have felt good to change out of my soaking wet clothes at the top!!

IMG_9059-A rain coat or poncho..the weather is so unpredictable and it rains alot!! It rained our entire hike. Our guide gave me a poncho which helped…but prepare to get wet…especially if you go in rainy season which is what we did!

-Extra cash for coffee and tea at the top…and of course tip money

-Bring snacks and breakfast if you don’t want the egg and banana at the topIMG_8971

-Your camera!! Duh!! The views and photo ops are breath taking…so make sure your phone or camera is charged up and ready to roll

On the way down:

-On the way down…you will feel like cattle! lol! There are so many people going down at the same time… and you have to go really slow…and be really careful..because it’s so steep…so everyone just pretty much stays together. You’ll Probably fall a few times…we sure did…it’s cool…it’s all apart of the experience!!

Not to be missed on the way down:

-On the way down make sure your tour guide shows you where the monkeys hang out!! These monkeys were so cute and cuddly!! Well most of them were anyway…

We met some people on the way down and they said their guide just rolled right past this..and they missed it….so make sure to bring this up with your guide. This was well worth the stop!!IMG_9065

-Right underneath where the monkeys hang out…there was an awesome cave, where you could see the steam coming up from the volcano!! This IMG_9021was really cool!!

-In the same area there is also a cave that has a Holy Temple in it…You can’t go in this cave..only the priest can go in during ceremonies…but it was cool to see.

Post hike relaxation:

-After your hike…..Go to the Batur Natural Hot Springs. You soak in the warm Holy water over looking Lake Batur and Mt. Agung…which is the largest volcano in Bali!! Absolutely breath taking views!!

-There is a restaurant in the same village as the volcano….called Amora…it’s buffet style..overlooking Mt. Batur…amazing views..and absolutely delicious food. I’m not a big buffet person and this buffet rocked my world! IMG_9063

-We went for lunch…but I’m sure the breakfast is amazing!! It’s worth it just for the views!!

-It cost about $7 bucks each for all you can eat…and that included coffee and tea!!

-This is a great place to stop and fill your belly before heading home to go night night!

This pretty much sums it up……

Hiking in the dark…in the rain….hurdling rocks…up the side of an active volcano…sweating…burning….climbing…

And then your there…your on top the world!! It gets quiet…it gets chilly…it’s dark….

And then slowly there’s light…very slowly….quietly the light begins to shine…you begin to see the world around you ,come into focus…you feel warm…you sit…drinking warm coffee…taking it all in….the sky turns pink….and then orange…and then blue!! IMG_8998

Life is going on around and below you….but your mind is quiet…..you surrender to the stillness and the beauty of the moment!!

CHECK OUT THE MT. BATUR VLOG!! We shot an awesome video of our experience hiking Mt. Batur!! Definitely check that out on our You Tube Channel…..Kim and Erran G!!

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