So Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia…the biggest city in Malaysia…and it’s pretty much the NYC of South East Asia.

You can recognize it’s modern city skyline by it’s iconic…worlds largest…twin towers…The Pertrona’s Towers..standing at 451 meeter high!! They are absolutely stunning!! The towers make for an epic Selfie backdrop!!!

It’s a very cosmopolitan city…with lots of restaurants…SHOPPING and roof top bars!

We only spent 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur…which was honestly enough. After living in a tiny village in Bali for the last few weeks…it felt so good…so refreshing to be in the hustle and bustle of a big city…With the bright lights…pulsing energy…and the easiness of having everything so close!!

We found Kuala Lumpur to be a great mix of local authentic cuisine, and western style food.

Again being in SE Asia for the last month..eating lots of rice, noodles, and veggies…it was such a special treat to be able to eat Subway and drink Dunkin Donuts coffee. OMG! It was sooo good!!!!

Side note:

-The western style restaurants..AKA…Subway..Dunkin Donuts…Starbucks ect…were different then they were back home…they didn’t have the same options…it was very limited choices..

-If you happen to find a Starbucks that offers Frazzia….GET IT…TRY IT!! OMG!! It’s amazing!! We tried it randomly because there were no other options….it’s carbonated coffee….something like that….I have no idea..but it was delicious!! IMG_9251

We just grazed the surface… we definitely didn’t get to dive deep into the city. We pretty much just spent 2 days eating, drinking and wondering aimlessly through the bustling streets of KL!!

In this blog, I’ll share our favorite spots…and some tips we learned to make staying in KL as easy and fun as possible!!

When you arrive:

-You can stay in Malaysia for up to 90 days without needing a Visa- double check that though..because they are always changing the rules.

-So you can just get off the plane…go through customs/immigration….grab your luggage and your good to go

-Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months before entering the country

The airport was amazing! We were soooo excited because as soon as we got off the plane there was Subway…Starbucks….Garrett’s Popcorn (best PC in the world)…Dunkin Donuts….It had been awhile since we saw these little pieces of home.. so that was  a treat. IMG_9255

They also have water fountains that you can fill up your water bottles….and it’s totally FREE…which was a treat!!

The weather:

I wanted to throw this in there as a side note, because KL was probably the most humid place i’ve ever been…and I’m from Florida!! LOL!! It’s hot so just prepare yourself!! Drink lots of water…and just prepare to sweat!! I spent time getting all cute and blowing out my hair..and I was Bozo the clown in like 5 minutes flat!!

-Bring shorts, tanks, sundresses, and just keep it light.

Getting around Kuala Lumpur:

Uber is where it’s at. Uber works really well in KL….it’s fast, and there are tons of cars everywhere.

-Just get the Uber App- and put in your CC info..where you want your rides to be charged to..this makes it super easier to get around if you don’t have cash or the local currency

-We got an Uber from the airport to downtown was an hour drive…and it cost us about $15 dollars.

There are tons of Taxi’s and there is even a monorail..

The best way to explore is on foot…get lost…take it all in…you’ll always be able to find your way back.

Side note: The local taxi drivers DO NOT like Uber…so just know that it’s not uncommon for the taxi drivers to fight with the uber drivers. and even for the taxi drivers to kick the uber drivers out of the area. We didn’t see this happen in KL…it’s a big city so theres a lot going on…but in Bali it happens all the time…Just something to be aware does happen..just roll with it.

Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur:

imagesThere are a few different neighborhoods in downtown KL…We stayed in the Bukit Bintang neighborhood…which is kind of like the Times Square of KL…it’s definitely a touristy part of the city…but we liked it because the location was amazing…it was in walking distance to pretty much everything.

We stayed at the Invito Hotel and Suites. It was a really comfortable spot. It was clean..the bathroom was my favorite part…the shower was totally separate from the toilet..meaning there was a shower door….so the floor stayed nice and dry…which I LOVE!! Definitely a luxury here in Asia. IMG_3854

The room also had a kettle for warming water…a refrigerator…a microwave…which was really nice.

There was an awesome roof top pool with a killer view…a gym..and even a place to do laundry!

Bonus– The room had AC!! Oh yea.. we slept sooo good!!

Side Note: 

It’s right across the streets from some it can get pretty loud at night. They offer ear plugs in the room…we put on our fan app- lifesaver and we were ok.

The Hotel was kind of splurge…for Asia standards…we paid about $50 bucks a night…and that included breakfast each morning.

There serve Breaky in the restaurant/bar downstairs….Hubba Hubba


Rice..noodles…(random for breaky..but when in Asia…) There was an egg station for omelets…There was random things every morning…watermelon…toast…muesli….yogurt…sausage….potatoes…it was decent breakfast…images-9

Side note: 

I got so spoiled in Bali with all the alternative milks..In KL pretty much everywhere we went…including Starbucks and DD only had diary milk…so that was kind of a bummer for me.

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur:

IMG_2076Kuala Lumpur is a big shopping city…that’s not really our thing..but it was cool to see.

-The malls are huge…I mean like really really huge…7 stories high…and miles wide! You’ll find all of your favorite stores…movie theaters…theme parks..and restaurants.

KLL shopping center : which is right next door to the Petronas Towers..there is also a nice park outside…with water fountains….where you can sit down and enjoy a nice cup of joe.

The Bukit Bintang Pavilion: We went here to find the best hummus…more on that later

Cool things To See in Kuala Lumpur:

The Petronas Towers…The PT are the worlds tallest twin towers. They are beautiful. You can buy a ticket and go up the sky bridge. Make sure to get there early…around 8:30am to get a ticket. The only let a certain amount of people up..and tickets sell out. We didn’t know this..and by the time we mosied on in…there were no tickets left:(

The KL Tower: IMG_9300

Beautiful tower…it looks kind of like the Seattle Space needle. There is an observation deck at the very top…with a killer view of the city. We had an awesome dinner here- more on that later..

The Batu Caves:

The Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has caves and cave temples! WE didn’t get a chance to do this…but I hear it’s pretty cool to see.

Jalan Alor Street Market– Awesome food market..more on that in the foodie section!:)

Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur:

Malaysian National Dish: 

Nasi Lamak- Rice dish cooked in coconut milk and Pandan leaf. They serve this dish pretty much everywhere, but ask a local to point you in the right direction of where to find the best Nasi Lamak in the city!! We didn’t get to try this while we were there…or we would tell you:(

Atmosphere 360- At the very tip top of the Kuala Lumpur Tower there is a restaurant! It was a bit of a splurge….$60 dollars per person for an all you can eat buffet dinner…not including alcohol… IMG_9294

-You can go for lunch also..and that’s cheaper.

-They had two options for dinner…6:30pm- 8:30pm…or 9:00pm-11:00pm

-They had tons of options for food…from sushi….to duck..curry…to spaghetti….to vegetarian options…a little something for everyone! The dessert table was on favorite part!

It was your typical buffet food…it was good..but nothing to write home about!

-It was more about the experience for us. Your on top of this incredible city..the table sits on a conveyer belt kind of your literally going around in a circle…while you eat…very slowly….so you get a 360 view of the city!

We watched the sun go down and the city lights turn on.

Definitely a cool experience. I would highly recommend it if you have a little extra cash to burn.!

The Jalan Alor market: open 24 hours

You can’t come to Asia and not go to one the outdoor market! The market is where it’s at! Here your going to find…authentic…CHEAP.. and local foods!! IMG_9301

It’s street food…and your going to find all kinds of delicious dishes from all over Asia!

Even if you don’t eat here…which I highly recommend you do…just walking through is an experience….The smells….The energy…The commotion

This is a great way to be apart of and immerse yourself in the local culture!

What we had:

I had Vegetarian Pad Thai

Erran had Chili Pan Mee which was basically spicy noodles with seafood…both were amazing….huge portions and it cost a couple of dollars.

Side note:

You must…I repeat MUST…try the coconut ice cream here. They sell it at a couple different places…But they literally scoop coconut meat from the coconut and turn it into an icy coconut concoction that is literally one of the most amazing things i’ve ever had!!!

Al-Amar Lebanese Restaurant:

This place was in the Pavilion Shopping Mall….I know it’s in a mall right…not usually how we roll..not really where you would think to look for the best…most authentic food, but…. I heard this place had the best hummus and lentil soup…and I was on a mission!! IMG_3849

It did not disappoint…It was on the 6th floor of the Pavilion…The hummus was so creamy and flavorful…the bread was sooo fresh…and warm..OMG!!

If your in the mood for some really yummy Lebanese…middle eastern type food….definitely check this place out!

What we had:

I of course had lentil soup, hummus and pita, and their version of dolmas..which are basically stuffed grape leaves! Everything was delicious!  IMG_9285

Erran had a the Spicy Half Grilled Chicken with a spicy garlic sauce..His words..”That was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” end quote!!

What we paid:

I think we paid like $15-$20 dollars for all of that…which was awesome for all the food we got..but again a little pricier for Malaysia standards. Well worth the splurge if your in the mood!!

Where to Drink in Kuala Lumpur:

Taps Beer Bar: This was right around the corner from our hotel. This was a real treat to find, especially because we love craft beer. They have tons of craft beers from all over the world. They had 14 beers on tap…and tons of bottled beers. IMG_9276

We recommend doing a couple tasting flights and trying them all!! That’s what we did…and we had a blast!!

What we paid: So let’s keep it real…we got a little cray cray…not gonna lie…hey we were on vacay…but we got 5 beer flights….which allowed us to try all the beers on tap.

The flights had very generous portions. We each got one regular sized beer at the end. All together we paid about $56 bucks…which was a splurge..but we drank alot of craft beer!

If your not in the mood to drink like a fish…like us…go check this place out..and just grab a beer, sit outside, and people watch!

Our favorite…was Morninton..a Scottish IPA! Sooooooo good

-Another fun one to try was a the Pasteur Street Brewing Co.- Toasted Coconut Porter from sounds kind of weird for a was different….I wouldn’t order a full glass..but it was fun to try!

Side note:

Thursday-Saturday they play live music…which would have been an awesome addition!!

Strips of Bars:

There are tons of bars all up and down the streets in Bukit Bintang…There are tons of people standing outside trying to usher you in…promising you all kinds of deals and specials if you come in..LOL…just prepare for this…

All the bars are pretty much the same…WE just went to the ones that were playing fun music or live music!! IMG_9309

All in all we had a fun time in Kuala Lumpur…It’s a great place to go for a night to get yummy food and party it up!!!

PS. Check out our Two Day in The Kuala Lumpur You Tube video…You can see all the places in real time!!

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