So we’ve been in Bali for just over 2 weeks now…It literally feels like months…but there is so much to learn, and figure out…everything is so different…and It’s been a big adjustment for us!!

I wanted to get this blog out earlier…but we’ve been pretty busy just trying to figure out life here!! lol!!

Since we are beginning our travels around the world… and travel is such a passion of mine/ours…but….I’ll speak for myself..since I’ll be writing most of the blogs…and Erran will be shooting/editing for our You Tube video’s…it’s a team effort…

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Anyway’s……I’ve always had this deep rooted connection to travel…I Love getting lost in new places…I Love researching new places…I Love allowing the energy of where ever I am to guide me…..I Love sharing my experiences with others…It’s fun for me….It lights me up…It brings me joy!! IMG_8692

Travel is a part of my Soul Purpose….My Awakening….I have this deep down, soul urge… to travel the world, to explore parts unknown, to explore unknown parts of myself.

Travel for me, is both an external journey, and an internal exploration of self. Travel is a beautiful gift I have chosen to give myself and to share with the world!!

Moving forward I’ll be writing more blogs about the places we visit…. We love love love to explore…and scoop out the best places!!

We will always share the best local food, the best healthy food, the best place to workout, the best hikes, the best places to grab a drink, best place to watch the sunset, the best places to experience the local to find the hidden gems off the beaten path…We got ya covered!!

We hope to inspire you through sharing our own experience!! We hope to inspire you to engage with your own inner travel bug…We hope to inspire you to explore the unknown…even if it’s just around your home town…We hope to inspire you step out of your bubble, explore, and allow the energy of the unknown to guide you!! Life gets super exciting and way more interesting outside of your comfort zone!! IMG_8686 2

So here we go!!!

We started off in Seminyak..which is a town in southern Bali….We stayed there for 3 nights to relax and regroup after our long journey around the globe!!

From there we took a fast boat to the Gili Islands…We stayed on Gili Trawangan or Gili T for 5 nights!!

We were only there for a few days each, and we only just grazed the surface, but we will share the few things we really enjoyed on our passing through…and some tips and tools to help make your transition as easy as possible!!

I grouped Seminyak and Gili T together…because they are both pretty similar…beachy…party hardy…crowded…loud..

Seminyak: Total time spent…3 days IMG_8626 2

Seminyak is in Southern Bali. It’s definitely more of a spring break…vacation spot

It’s a little bit more laid back then Kuta…which I hear is just totally bonkers….if you want to party

hard then Kuta will probably be your jam…that’s just not our style!!

The town is pretty busy with traffic. There are tons of restaurants, bars, shopping, massages, pretty much anything you need…you’ll find in Seminyak

Accommodations: We stayed at a homestay..Which are pretty common in Bali..You stay with a local family on their compound…Which if your coming to Bali, I highly recommend you do, if only once….You get to mingle and live like the locals..which is a cool experience.

You will typically have your own private room and bathroom. This will usually be a very simple room….very basic…usually pretty cheap. Our room which we found on Airbnb…great resource for finding places to stay….was $16 a night. The location was great…the room was decent…it got the job done for our short stay.

Side note: Most bathrooms in Indonesia are very different from our modern bathrooms in the states. There is no separation from the toilet area and the shower. So basically when you shower, everything gets super wet…so no walking in and out of the bathroom with socks on to go potty…unless you want to rock wet socks…This has been super tough for me to adjust to!!

Some places will advertise Western style bathrooms, which means the shower is separate or blocked off…which I would totally recommend..if you can find!! It’s a luxury to find here!!

Night Life: There are tons of really cool beach bars. Pull up a bean bag chair, grab a drink, watch the sunset, and listen to live music. You really can’t beat it. Just walk down to the beach and there will be rows and rows of beach bars to choose from. They are all pretty just pick the one, thats playing your kind of musica and settle in!! FullSizeRender 12

Frankensteins: Another fun bar on the main road..the road you take to go to the beach…..They do fun “scary” shows with dance and music and customs!

Cocktail Side Note: Bingtang is an Indonesian beer.. You can find it anywhere…some love it…some hate it….we personally don’t enjoy it.. it’s basically like an Indonesian version of Heineken. So if Heinies are your thing you’ll love it… That being said.. Bingtang’s are really cheap…averaging about 2-3 USD most places. They have a few other beer options…but it’s pretty slim pickins… Just know if you want Sangria….or a liquor cocktail…expect to pay a premium price….They have to import everything….so drinks are a pretty penny, and honestly they don’t have many options!!

Our Favorite places to Grub:

Were eat pretty healthy most of the time…..we definitely dive in and enjoy the local food…but most-ish of the time we try to seek out the places with healthy options…which you’ll have no problem finding in Bali!!

Side note: Seminyak is a more touristy area in Bali…so the restaurants are going to be more expensive..and your going to find alot of places to get western style food. Ps…The portions are WAAAYYYYYYY smaller than the states!! You get used to it…Good for the waste line!!!

Zula: This was our go to spot most days. It’’s a Vegan/Vegetarian cafe and market. IMG_8362 2

They have amazing smoothies..salads…soups…chickpea burgers….special juices…healing potions….It’s a huge menu….there is something for everyone.

Prepare to pay…it’s an expensive little place. We averaged about 15-20 USD per meal for 2. Granted we were ordering special drinks…juices…wellness shots….and lots of food…we definitely got our moneys worth…but still considered expensive for Bali standards.. If healthy eating is your thing…Then Zula’s is your spot!! IMG_8364 2

Sushimi: This is on the main road…going towards the beach. The sushi was pretty good and fresh. They give you the option of brown or white rice..which I love…because I prefer brown’s a healthier…more filling option…

You can choose options off the conveyer belt at the sushi bar…there are tons of great options and they are always making fresh new dishes…You can pick whatever you want…Each plate has a different color..representing a different price point.

Or you can order specific fresh rolls..this is what we did….Prices were pretty great. I think we paid like 20 bucks..for what we ordered it probably would have costed $100 in the states. We both had lots of sushi…soup…salads and diet cokes!! We were definitely stuffed and satisfied when we left.

Taco beach Grill: We actually didn’t get to make it here unfortunately. We didn’t find out about it until we were leaving, but we hear it’s absolutely amazing. They do really fun taco’s..They offer vegetarian options also..which I love. They are also known for their Margs and sangria. So if your ever in Seminyak check these guys out!!

I would recommend going to Seminyak for a few days….It’s fun…drink from a coconut….enjoy the beach, and then move on. It’s really loud, and touristy, and it definitely doesn’t represent the Charm, Peace and Beauty of the REAL BALI!!

Gili T: 

Known as the party island of the Gili’s!! There are tons of fun beach bars..with life music…beautiful views and  bean bag chairs on the sand to watch the sunset…sound familiar…LOL…see above!!! 🙂 IMG_8840

Side note: We hear Gili Air is more relaxed and a lot more quiet. Next time I would probably do 1 or 2 nights on Gili T…and then finish the time at one of the quieter islands.

The water here is crystal blue….All three islands are great for snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or just simple swimming and laying on the white sand!!

The Gili Islands are actually one of the best and cheapest places in the world to learn and get certified to dive. So if your into that sort of thing…this is your spot!!

There is a 3 island tour…where you go out and snorkel and swim with the sea turtles…it’s suppose to be pretty awesome..unfortunately we both had Bali Belly and sun poisoning while we were here…so we stayed pretty low key most days!!

Accommodations: We again used Air Bnb…We got a little beach bungalow right across from the beach. It was on the main street, and in the heart of the east beach…which is pretty much where everything is happening!! I loved our little had a little kitchen with a fridge for water…and a stove top to boil water for tea and coffee. This is where we stayed!! It was a little loud…IMG_8811

if you want to stay somewhere away from the main drag…and all the noise… I would say stay on the north side of island…it’s quiet..and you can get anywhere pretty quickly by bike!

Side note: Gili T is a  Muslim Island. There are Mosques all over the islands. We stayed right in front of a huge Mosque. They do the call to prayer 5 times a day…before dawn…at the afternoon…before dusk…and at night….It’s very loud!! But you get used to it…it kind of becomes relaxing…it’s really cool to experience a major part of their culture…happening live…right in front of you! Embrace it!!

Be respectful…it’s perfectly cool to wear a bathing suit at the beach…but when your off the sand….wear shirts and shorts…You don’t have to cover up your shoulders or knee’s…but just don’t be cruising around in your B-day suit and you’ll be good to go!!

Getting around: There are no motor vehicles on Gili T.. The only way to get around is either horse and carriage, bike, or foot. The island is pretty small, and you can bike the whole thing in about an hour or so.

I would recommend renting a bike for the time your there. You can get anywhere by bike!!


Malibu Beach club: This is where the famous Gili swings are! This is on the Western part of the island. This is where you want to come to get some awesome pics and watch the sunset!! They even have special bean bags you can take out into the warm water, and just relaxing! This was one of our favorite spots!! The Sangria was delicious, and reasonable priced!!  IMG_8791

The beer pong cafe: There are tons of places on the island to play beer pong. We came here one night. You have to pay a fee plus buy the beer to play— everything is negotiable.. i think we paid 100,00 Rupiah to play and for the beer..which was about 7USD! We played with 2 guys from Spain that didn’t speak a lick of English! LOL!! We had a blast..Def check this place out!!

Sama Sama: Was a great place for live music.

Pretty much just take your bike…ride along the path….there are tons of beach bars..playing awesome live music…or have DJ’s…..pick a place that’s playing your favorite song and pop in for a drink… you can’t go wrong!! 

Where to Grub:

The night market: Right across from the harbor….cheap, local food. You can find pretty much anything here. They have tons of vegetarian options…which of course I love!! This is a must do in Gili T! It’s a really cool experience!! You can eat an entire meal for a couple bucks!!

The Banyan Tree: Great Healthy Place for Protein Smoothies, juices and Lunch.  Also great for digital nomads to work, relax, and eat with a view. All staff was great and very helpful, but Eva is absolutely amazing and is honestly an angel in human form. She Literally saved us. IMG_8646

The Pearl Restaurant: Awesome View and Ambiance, Great and Safe Food and Drinks. This place was a little more expensive than most….but the food was delicious…good quality stuff!!

The Yoga Place: Great place for healthy/veggie/vegan options! Also a great place to do yoga or mediation classes! IMG_8681 2

It’s off the beaten path, but so worth it.  Head towards the night market.  Turn right just before the market or just after.  Head straight about two blocks and look for signs, you will turn left.  Thats the best we can do.  Good Luck and Sooooooo Worth it.  If available eat up in the room over looking the yoga studio.

Casa Vintage Beach: Amazing Jamaican/Caribbean Food.  You can sit in bean bag chairs literally steps from the water and the staff is great, drinks are great. The entire place is candle lite…Works for a Romantic Setting or a Great Dinner by the Ocean IMG_8656 2

Gelato was good, so feel free to get for a sweet treat. They have gelato places EVERYWHERE on the island!!

I encourage you to Get Lost off the beaten path….Explore the island…Loose yourself on the side dirt roads where the locals live! Venture out, its perfectly safe and a very cool experience.

I hope you enjoyed this blog!! Please reach out if you have any questions about Bali or traveling in general!! I love guiding people and helping people map out their next adventure!!!

PS!! As you know we are all about finding the balance between indulging and making healthy choices for our bodies.. both at home and while were traveling..expeciallly while traveling! Because we want to feel our best and have the energy to check out all the amazing places we’re experiencing!!

My Friend Camila wrote an incredible blog about the top 8 reasons why travel is actually GOOD for your health!! YES!! So you should definetly start doing more of it!! For Your Health!! LOL!!

The blog is jam packed with tons of tips and tools you can take with you on the road with…so you can stay fit, healthy, & feeling your best…wherever you are in the world!!

Check out Camila’s blog …HERE

To check out all of our travel video’s and weekly inspirations…head over to our bran new You Tube Channel….Kim and Erran G

Next week we are heading to Kuala Lumpur for 2 days!! So stay tuned!!

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