Bali Bites….The Best Places To Eat In Ubud

PS…I was going to add some amazing food pics from all of our favorite spots..but almost all of the pics are on our hard drive..and unfortunately..our hard drive crashed:( So I had to make due with what little pics I had left:(

Bali has some of the yummiest food I’ve ever had….like ever!! There’s such a gorgeous variety of authentic Balinese food, yummy cheat day food (i.e. Pizza & Taco’s) and everyday healthy….vegan/vegetarian food!!!

On the real….Ubud is a vegan/vegetarians paradise OMG! Around every corner there is some kind of special juice, some kind of magic potion/elixir that will make you look and feel amazing…Some kind of super green smoothie or wheatgrass shot to start your day…I mean you name it…. they got it!!

I loved loved loved the food in Bali!!!!


There’s also tons of choices and yummy food for those special cheat days…for meat eaters…and for everything in between….There really is something for everyone…. and for every mood!!

This blog focuses on Ubud…because this is where we spent the majority of our time!

Here is a list of our favorite go to places to eat…

Ubud is a place to study yoga, study meditation, to be one with yourself, and to eat really really freakin amazing, food!!!

Side Note:

One of my favorite things about Bali is that no matter where you go, they always offer vegan….diary free options for pretty much everything!!

They have tons of different milks…coconut, almond, flax, hazelnut, ect…Which for me was huge and such a treat, because I don’t usually eat a lot of dairy!

I miss it so much!

Bali Food Basic’s: 

Nasi Goreng..Fried rice

MI Goreng: Fried Noodle

Both are Bali Staples! You will see this on all menu’s no matter where you go…..This is the base…and you can either keep it vegetarian, or add meat!!

They are both delicious and super cheap!!

WARUNG’S: These are going to be your local mom and pop shops. This is where your going to find real authentic…cheap Balinese food!! Some are full on restaurants and some just have a few items…(comparable to a gas station) They are everywhere!! There are even full on vegetarian…or vegan Warung’s…which in my opinion… is kind of amazing!!



Bali Buddha.. & the market next door

Bali Buddha is all about locally sourced, organic, sustainable, good quality ingredients!!!

This is an awesome spot for fresh juices, smoothies, vegan and vegetarian foods!! Everything was delicious.

Like the majority of places in Bali it has an open air setting. The fans keep it nice and cool..but definitely bring bug spray:)

Bali Buddha DOES NOT have WIFI!!!

There is a market around the corner…that has fresh produce and specialty items.


Alchemy restaurant:

This is a Raw…Vegan Restaurant…there is no meat!!   IMG_3906

They make their own kombucha…and it’s delicious!! They also have the best salad bar in Ubud…and trust me…I know good salad when I see it!

You can build your own salad..and they have tons of options to choose from…

-Tons of fresh veggies…

-Special cheese’s..they even had almond milk feta…which was the highlight of my trip..just sayin…

-Different plant based protein options…beans..quinoa…tofu..ect…and yummy dressings!!

The salad bar was a grand slam for me!!



This was our home away from home!! We literally went there like everyday!! The food is delicious!! They have lots of vegan/vegetarian options, but they also cater to meat eaters as well!  IMG_3707

Erran and I were both really satisfied eating here!!

The highlight of Atman:

The bullet proof coffee, or buttah coffee as we like to call it….literally best thing i’ve ever had!! We came pretty much everyday…just for this coffee..and they serve it with a little ginger snap cookie….nice touch!! OMG…So Yummy!   IMG_4935

They also have tons of amazing vegan desserts, kick ass breakfast, soups, salads, juices, smoothies, coffee’s tea’s!!

They have amazing Wifi…and we would go there and work/drink buttah coffee’s for hours!! One day I think we spent 9 hours there editing…writing…drinking joe…:)

I could go on and on!! This is a must in Ubud!! hands down our favorite place!!


Mama Mia’s:

We are pizza connoisseur’s…pizza is our go to treat, and we make it our mission to scope out the best pizza places wherever we go!!!!

Bali is not really known for it’s pizza….But Mama Mia’s makes a pretty mean pie!! They make their pie’s in a wood fired oven…Neapolitan style..a little small…but so flavorful and delicious!!

If you want good pie check out Mama Mia’s….there are 2 locations in Ubud


Casa Taco:   IMG_3870

This was right across the street from the main Mama Mia’s. Fun Vibe…and Really yummy Mexican food!!

They cater to meat eaters and vegetarians… The taco’s were amazing, the guacamole was delicious, and the sangria…OMG…so good!!

They have a big menu…and everything is really really yummy!! Like everywhere you go in Bali, the portions are small….so don’t expect to get heaping plate’s of food…like you do in the states!! Which is kind of a good thing..Right?..


Torro Sushi:

This was our go to sushi place! Yummy sushi…great miso soup and salad with ginger dressing.

Great Value, Fresh/Flavorful Sushi!!

Very reasonable pretty much everywhere in Bali…if your comparing it to the states…We ate A LOT of sushi…just sayin..our meal would have cost well over a $100 USD…I think we walked out of there spending about 15 bucks!!


Earth Cafe..& Market:

This is another restaurant/market. They have tons of delicious/ healthy options!!  IMG_3701

This is one of the only places I found in Ubud…that offered a vegan protein powder to add into your smoothie!! Which for me was such a treat!!!

The market has tons of goodies..We found an awesome protein powder..Amazing Green’s I think it was called…It was PP that also had power greens and all kinds of goodies already mixed in…so it’s convenient to tote around while traveling…we bought a few bags and made our own smoothies at home!!

This is the market your going to find all your special stuff..chia seeds, bee pollen, spirulina, vitamins, flax seeds, protein powders, Maca root, Moringa powder…apple cider vinegar..all the good stuff!!


Black Forest:

Yes…Another Pizza/Italian place!! What can I say, we love our pizza pie!

The pizza is good, not as good as Mama Mia’s…but the ambience is really cool. They have a roof top can watch the sunset over the mountains..with a glass of wine!! Yes of the few places in Ubud, where you can find a glass of good/decent wine!!!

Two Islands is the name of the wine that we drank. It’s Australian grapes, but the wine is made in it’s pretty cheap, yet yummy..again for SE Asia Standards!

Side note: They have a little wine/liquor store in town that sells bottles of Two Islands for pretty cheap.. I think it was like $14 a bottle…which is cheap for Bali…because you’ll find alcohol is very very expensive in Bali, because they have to import everything!!

The cheapest thing to drink is their local beer..which is called Bintang…we were not fans…just sayin!!!


Clear Cafe:

This was another one of our favorite places to work and eat!! The vibe here is so’s open air, and they have tables, couches, big comfy chairs, bean bag chairs.

This is the place for special juices..potions…coffee’s & elixir’s…I think I’ve said that about many of these places..but they’re all so damn good….I just can’t help myself!!! IMG_3834

I recommend the Moringa smoothie…They say it’s a miracle smoothie, and I agree. I was really sick one day, and drank this smoothie, and literally began feeling better instantly!! Don’t ask what’s in it..just go for it!!

They also have a mean Chi tea!! Probably the best Chi i’ve ever had..and of course because your in can make it with any kind of dairy free milk you want!! Score!!

The food was delicious for both meat eaters and vegetarians!!



Another great place for healthy and delicious food….We never ate there…but we went there a few times for their juices…and they also have dairy free ice cream!!!  


The Bintang Cafe:

This is kind of off the beaten’s not in downtown’s about 2 miles-ish outside of a little village…actually it’s in the village we lived in while we were there…But this little cafe is a real find…and a true hidden gem!

It’s a Japanese restaurant..and they have the have one of the best Japanese Ramen I’ve ever had!! They make everything from scratch, and to order!! The food is so fresh…so delicious…and so cheap!!  IMG_8331

The Yaki Gyoza (fried dumplings) are to die for!! We always got vegetarian..but they also have meat!

You make a special sauce…with vinegar…chili oil…and soy sauce!! OMG!!

Make an effort to go here….if you like ramen…it’s one the best meals you’ll have in Ubud!!!


The Pyramids of Chi:

This just opened…it’s right up the street from Bintang’s. It’s an out door cafe, that overlooks the gorgeous rice fields!! they serve delicious food and special coffee’s, tea’s, juices ect…

You get a FREE 20 minute gong bath with each purchase!! I mean….

The sound pyramids weren’t open yet when we were there…but it’s gonna be amazing when they do!!


Warung Siam:

This is a little hole in the wall place…right next to Torro Sushi…Literally some of the best Thai Food I’ve ever had…and I’m in Thailand right now!! The food was spicy, fresh delicious and super cheap!!!

If you are craving some good Thai in Ubud…look no further…this is your spot!!!!!



Tukie’s Cafe:

Everything here is made with/from coconuts!! OMG!! The coconut ice cream is out of this world!! This is a must in Ubud!!

The coconut Banana cake is not to be missed!!!!!

I hear Sweet Orange’s Warung and Sari Organik are both amazing- but unfortunately..we weren’t able to make it to either.

For a sweet treat…this is a must!!


Here’s a list of a few places we never made it to…but wanted to…because we heard they were delicious!!

-Sweet Orange Warung- in the rice fields

-Sari Organik- There is one in the rice fields and one right next to Alchemy Restaurant in town

-Sage – Vegan Mexican

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