The Ultimate Bali Day Tour!

We played Tourist for the Day in and around Ubud and it was a freakin amazing day!! IMG_9177

We’re not huge fans of super touristy spots, with the huge crowds, long lines, and high prices…it’s not really our thang!

But hey, it’s our first time in Bali, we are tourists, and we want to see some cool sh*t…so we decided to strap on our fanny’s, charge up the camera’s, and play the part!

There are tons of different tours you can do, and there are tons of tour guides who can show you around.

We were a bit overwhelmed with what to see and what to do, there were so many choices…so many options…so much to see!!

So we picked a few spots that we heard were pretty cool…. and we hired a driver that our friend recommended.

This tour gave us a good lay of the land…we were pretty much able to check most of the hot spots off our list in just one day…leaving more time for us to explore the unknown on our own.

.First Things First:

  • Your gonna need a driver..
  • Our Driver was Gede
  • Contact Gede:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number:
  • +6281916161672

He was an amazing guide. He spoke excellent English. We were able to ask him tons of questions, and we learned so much about the Balinese and Hindu Culture….which was such an added bonus.

He took pictures for us with his phone and sent them to us later. He took us to an awesome place for lunch…A buffet overlooking Mt. Batur——Ah-mazing!! You can check that out in our Hiking Batur Blog.

I can’t recommend Gede enough.

The Cost:

Again were talking about Bali here, so everything you do…the price will be negotiable

We paid 600,000 Rupiah which is about $45 dollars…That was for about 8.5 hours.

That did not include the cost to get into the places we went…FYI…that’s just for the driver.

You will also need to have cash to tip your driver. We tipped him about 200,000 Rupiah…about $14 bucks…that’s a lot for Bali standards, but we really liked him, and our day was awesome…soo…

What we did:

1st Stop…Tegalalang Rice Terrace:

This is one of the beautifully manicured, rice terraces here in Bali. It’s right outside of Ubud.  IMG_9325

Tip: Come early…we got here around 8am, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves!! It was so quiet, and it was FREE, because the farmers weren’t out yet collecting money to get in.

We left around 10am or so, and it was starting to get super packed and crowded. THE EARLIER THE BETTER.

Side Note: In the rice terraces there will be road blocks with farmers asking for “donations”..AKA…you have no choice but to pay to move ahead. You can either pay or turn around and go a different way. We got stopped once at a bridge and we paid 5,000 Rupiah to cross, which is about 40 cents!!

Side Note 2:There will be a women walking around with props…like rice hats…she will let you take a picture with the hats..and then she will demand you pay her..she was a little feisty..but we ended up paying her 10,000 rupiah…75 cents…. worth it for the photo op!! IMG_9223

2 Stop….Mt. Batur Hot Springs

Usually this is done right after you hike Mt. Batur…See Mt. Batur Hiking Blog here…but we were pooped post hike…so we skipped it!! IMG_9209

This place is of course is going to be touristy. It’s feels almost like your at a resort, or spa. I was thinking we were going to be in muddy pond somewhere in themiddle of the woods…lol..not so much.

There are a few different pools…with warm holy water….fountains and a full bar!!

The infinity pools overlook Lake Batur, and Mt. Agung. The view is definitely worth it!!

The cost:

We paid about 380,000 for both of us to get in. So about $14 bucks per person..which is kind of a lot..that includes a locker and a towel! Score!!

You will also need to pay a small fee to get into the village where the springs are. I forget exactly how much..maybe like 10,000 Rupiah..just make sure to always have cash, especially smaller bills on you pretty much all the time!!

3rd Stop….The Pura Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple IMG_9179

This is a Hindu Balinese Water Temple, where the locals go for they’re ritual purification!!  The fresh water is considered Holy, and they use it to cleanse themselves spiritually.

There are tons of beautiful water spouts, each one representing a different meaning.

What to do in the water:

You say a pray at each spout and then cleanse your head with the water 13 times. You do this for each water spout. IMG_1039

There is also a beautiful home on the property, this is where the president of Indonesia comes to stay when he is in Bali.

This is another super touristy spot…but it’s also a temple that many locals still come to.. The day we went, there was a big ceremony going on, so there were tons of locals doing their rituals, which was cool to see.

What you’ll need to get in:

You will need to wear a Sarong to enter the temple. I would also probably wear a shirt that is covering your shoulders if possible.

They have sarongs there for you if you don’t have one.

The Cost: 

I can not remember how much we paid…LOL, but I think it was around 50,000 rupiah each…about $4 dollars….it wasn’t that expensive

Very Important:  IMG_9197

If your a women and it’s that time of the month, you will not be allowed to enter into the temple:( I found this out the hard way!!

The Hindu people do not allow women during their cycle to enter the temples. ….Not just this temple but ALL temples! So plan accordingly!

They consider it to be bad luck for the women and for the Temple.

They have big signs everywhere….Of course no one would really know right?…but you want to respect their culture and their rules…and you don’t want to be dishonest and get bad karma…they are BIG BIG into Karma…as am I!!

Lewak Coffee:

Lewak Coffee AKA…The Poo-Poo Coffee!!

The lewak is the animal that poops out the coffee beans that are used to make this smooth, rich, delicious Cup-O-Joe…it sounds kind of weird, but don’t knock it till you try it!! IMG_9208

This was one of my favorite parts of our trip!  We had so much fun and there is an interesting history behind the Lewak coffee, Make sure to ask them to explain it to you at the tasting room.

They also grow everything right there on site…Vanilla bean, ginseng, turmeric, mangosteen, coconut…everything! They’re real deal!!

You try all kinds of delicious flavored coffee and teas and the tasting is free, when you purchase a cup of the Lewak coffee which was about 50,000 Rupiah…about $4 bucks!

They also give you amazing fried banana chips, that will rock your world!! That was Erran’s favorite part!

Our favorites:

  • The Ginseng Coffee, you’ll be buzzin for hours!!
  • The Coconut Coffee, So creamy and delicious
  • The Mangosteen Tea…really yummy and great for the skin!! IMG_9198

There are tons of different places to try the Lewak Coffee. Gede took us to his special one, he says it’s the best…and we had an incredible experience.

Last but not least…. Tegenungan Waterfall

Honestly this was a total disappointment, and I would not waste your time going here.

It was soooo touristy…You had to pay of course to get into the waterfall area..about 20,000 rupiah…

To even get to the waterfall, you have to go through tons of markets with people trying to sell you all kinds of things. It felt like a amusement park. There were so many people everywhere.

If your thinking your going to be alone under the waterfall taking epic selfies….think again! It will be you and hundreds of other tourists, definitely not as romantic.

Very Important:

It also rained the day before…the water was super duper muddy..we didn’t even get in..we took a picture and left!!

So do not even attempt to go to the waterfall a day after a big rain storm! IMG_1047

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