Happy Tuesday!!!

Time is flying!! As most of you know we have officially launched our Get Fit From Within Membership site!! YAY!!!!

We have been working so hard these last few months to create valuable, life changing content for you- YES I said life changing!! True Story!! and it’s kind of amazing to see it all come to together, and create a life of it’s own!!

So we began our weekend with an awesome launch party with our friends, and just took a moment to celebrate and take it all in!! We also took in a few Filthy Martini’s and maybe even a few keg stands! Just sayin-We got pretty wild, I’m not gonna lie to you, and it felt AH-MAZING!!

That was the first time in a long time, that we actually weren’t working on a Friday night, and the first time we had socialized in months!! We were like caged animals for so long, that we forgot what it was like to be around other humans. We had to brush up on our social skills and re-learn the basics!!

I almost forgot what it felt like to put on makeup, take my hair out of a knot and change out of my workout clothes and sweats!!

So needless to say we had a blast, and we decided to totally disconnect from work all weekend long, and just relax and do whatever the heck we wanted to!! Which almost felt strange, because we had been in the “zone” for so long it was like what do you mean- we can actually leave the house and go play!!—but it definitely didn’t take us long to ease right on in and get comfortable- it’s just like riding a bike.

Sunday we got out of the house and went for an amazing hike on the coast. It was one of those gorgeous Cali days! 75, Sunny, and no FOG!! PRICELESS!! Hiking is one of our favorite things to do on the weekend, and we hadn’t hiked in months. So it felt so nourishing to be outside, be in nature, and just be.

After our hike we went to the grocery store to get stuff to make for dinner. As were standing in line, with our grocery cart filled with our healthy chicken dinner- we both were like “Do you want to go get taco’s and guacamole instead?” LOL!! And we were both like yea F it!! let’s do it!!

So at 6 O’Clock on a Sunday evening, we headed to Tacolicious in our filthy workout clothes, sweaty faces, smellin like BO- LOl- (it was a pretty strenuous hike)- for taco’s, Guac, and Margaritas!! Which for us was totally wild!

Not only do we not usually drink twice in one weekend, but on a Sunday!! OMG!! It’s on heard of! lol!! We’re always down for an occasional Sunday Brunch, but typically we don’t like to begin our weeks feeling sluggish and Meh!!

Our decision was so spontaneous and so out of character for us, but felt soo right!! We clicked glasses and cheers to breaking our own “rules.” LOl!! We felt like rebels, taking a walk on the wild side!! A little dramatic- I know- but you get the picture.

We had a few drinks, and just talked, laughed and reflected on the last few months!

That was so unexpected, and so unlike us and yet exactly what the DR. ordered!! Our biggest motto is Everything is ok in moderation- and don’t deprive yourself right? WE decided to take our own advice, and just go for it.

We didn’t question it, or give our usually speech- like well that sounds fun- but you know- we have to get up early and blah blah blah! We just followed our guts and did what felt good!!

It was just a reminder to us, that sometimes it’s ok to step out and shake things up a little. It’s fun to be spontaneous and toss the routine and rules to the side for a night!!!

We woke up a little extra tired, but totally refueled, ready to get back on track, and back to work. Sometimes you have to shake it all out, to rein it back in!!

This is the very first week we have ever been able to say head over and check out our brand spankin new Website, and Monthly Membership site- www.getfitfromwithin.com

Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you!

If you have any questions please always feel free to email us at inspire@getfitfromwithin.com

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Have an awesome rest of your week!!

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Kim & Erran



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