Happy Tuesday!!

So I don’t know about you, but how I begin my morning, usually sets the tone for my entire day!!

My mornings used to be very hectic. I used to roll out of bed, stumble to the coffee pot, and put on the news. I would race the clock, trying to hurry up and get ready, so I could make it out of the door on time. Everything was always rush rush rush, go go go!! I would maybe grab a banana on my way out if I was lucky! Man it makes me exhausted even just thinking about it. So here I was jacked up on caffeine, rattled by the news, and running on an empty stomach!! Not a great way to start my day. Can you relate?

I barely gave myself a second to breath, let alone a moment to think- and that frantic energy would follow me around all day. I could never bounce back from it. I would feel draggy, overwhelmed, anxious, and foggy all day.

Sick of feeling like I had been through a tornado before I even left the house, I decided I need to make some changes. The first one was to switch up my morning routine. Wow! That was a total game changer, a life changer really!!

Here are the 5 steps I do every morning, without fail.

  1. I wake up and I leave my phone in the bedroom!!:

I know sounds crazy right. We are usually so glued to those little boxes. I don’t check Facebook, Instagram, or Email- NADA.

I don’t want to start my day immediately thrown into all the cray cray of the world. I want to take some time for just me, before I show up for anyone else, or dive the To Do’s of the day. There’s plenty of time for that, it doesn’t have to begin the minute I open my eyes!! I give myself a little breathing room before I dive into my day. This step alone has totally changed my life!!

2. Next I head straight to the kitchen and chug a big old cup of H2O:

This wakes up my system and sparks my metabolism, letting “the team” know we are up, and we have stuff to do– ALL SYSTEMS GO!!

Get_Fit_From_Within_Shoot2-17Then I drink about 1/4 cup of warm water and lemon. This is a natural way to detox the system- eliminating any junk or build up that may be stuck from the day before. The lemon also revs up my metabolism- getting my body burning calories right away.

3. Then I OIL PULL while I go to the bathroom, whip up my green smoothie, and make my Matcha Tea:

The swirling & swooshing releases the antibacterial properties of the oil, cleansing and removing bacteria and toxins from the system. It’s also really good for skin- it helps clear up blemishes!! BONUS!! 

*I put a small spoonful of oil in my mouth and swish it around- just like mouthwash. I do this anywhere between 5-15 minutes– depending on how long it takes me to get all my stuff together.

*Side note- Make sure you don’t swallow the oil, or spit it down the drain. It’s full of toxins so you don’t want to put that back into your system or clog your pipes. I spit it out in the trash.

4. After my smoothie and tea is made,  I sit quietly for about 10 minutes:

I light a candle, and incense sometimes if I’m feeling super hippy dippy, and sit in my meditation chair. I sit quietly, just allowing myself to settle into my body, and connect to myself. We have so many distractions, and noise throughout the day, it’s such a gift to just be quiet, and still. I take some deep breaths, and just relax into the moment.  It only takes a few minutes to automatically feel more calm, quiet, and connected.

*After my meditation I write my gratitude list, and do some journaling, or read an inspiring affirmation. Whatever it is that feels good, and sparks my creativity and inspiration.

*Even if you don’t have tons of extra time in the morning- just taking 5 minutes to sit quietly and take some deep breaths can totally change your entire day! We all have an extra 5 minutes- come on now!

5. Now it’s time to enjoy my breaky- My Morning Green Monster:

Breaky is the best meal of the day in my opinion. You’ve been sleeping the last 8 hours (hopefully) and your body is ready for some fuel and energy, so it can show up and support you throughout the day.

I have a green smoothie every morning. I call it The Green Monster because no matter what type of smoothie I have, I always add 3-4 cups of Kale!!! Your body loves loves loves those dark leafy grGet_Fit_From_Within_Shoot2-48eens!! It’s like soul food for the body!! 

I always add protein powder so it keeps me nice and full, fiber, healthy fats- like coconut oil or avocado-or even almond butter sometimes- a small amount of berries or some fruit, a 1/2 banana- I usually have my special potions and super foods I like to throw in there too!!

Now that i’ve taken the time to take care of body, connect to myself, and provide my body with the fuel and energy it needs- I’m ready to begin my day and tackle anything that comes my way!! I feel calm, cool and collected and that energy will follow me around all day!!

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