theme_relationshipsIt was a Sunday afternoon in October of 2009. It was finally beginning to cool down a little bit in Florida, where we lived at the time. We were two years into our relationship. We were laying across the couch, heads pounding from the binge drinking the night before, and our bellies aching from all the binge eating we had done all day.

This ugly situation had pretty much become our norm. We were laying in our sweats, surrounded by empty pizza boxes, candy wrappers, and licked clean sonic blast containers. We were completely checkout out, mindlessly watching TV, trying to distract ourselves from the truth of the hell we had created- AKA –

Our Lives As We Knew It!!

We were still recovering from yet another evening ruined, by our relentless fighting, and drama, which always seemed to stem from way to much alcohol, mixed with our own individual unhealed issues, and inner demons.

Our friends didn’t even want to hang out with us anymore. We were becoming that toxic couple- you know that couple that’s so much fun, but your on eggshells the whole time, just waiting for the next devastating blow out that ruins everyones night. Yup that was us!!

We had gotten so lost along the way. So much self destructive behavior, jealousy, insecurities, self-doubts, anger, frustration, and fear. How the heck did we end up here.

Not to mention the laundry list of physical health conditions that were wreaking havoc in our lives, like being 25 and having to take cholesterol & high blood pressure medications, arthritis, and dealing with relentless acne. (Erran’s BP was 210/110, Triglycerides- 575, and Cholesterol-298) We were both overweight, ate pure garbage, and treated our bodies and minds like crap!!

We were one HOT MESS!!

So here we were once again, same couch, same situation, same heartache!! We were both so emotionally and physically drained, and exhausted from all the crying, the chaos, and destructive behavior. We needed a Miracle.

We knew it was time to make some real changes. Our relationship depended on it. We needed a total lifestyle cleanse and reboot FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!

We set out to create a healthier lifestyle, and to find some peace and happiness within ourlseves, and our relationship. We weren’t sure where to begin, but each day we took baby steps, and slowly found our way.

Through our journey, we didn’t grow apart, we grew together. As we began to crack open, our relationship strengthened, and today we stand on a foundation made of rocks, not sand.

It’s been over 6 years now since that day back in October, and we’ve learned and grown so much throughout our journey.

These 5 steps really helped kick start our transformation.

5 Things that helped us create a Healthier, Happier Life and Relationship TOGETHER.

  1. We found healthy hobbies we could do TOGETHER:

We got off the couch and started exercising together. We ran races together, we competed in obstacle courses together, we tried new group classes together, and we got outside and hiked together. It brought us so much closer, because we supported, challenged, motivated, and inspired one another every step of the way. Version 2

2. We took time to strengthen our relationship with ourselves:

This was the key to our success. In order to truly show up and love someone else, you must first show up and love yourself first. We both needed some individual time to work on our own stuff, and become more grounded in who we were, so we could better show up in our relationship. We respected that time, and allowed one another the space we needed to do so.

3. We connected to our Spiritual Practice and began using that as our foundation:

Our Spiritual Practice has helped deepen our connection to one another in such a powerful way. We both have a strong Faith and Trust in something greater than ourselves. We trust that we are being divinely guided and lead every step of the way, and we use that as the foundation for all that we do.

fitness-1Whatever your belief system is, connecting to something greater than yourself and sharing that with your partner, will no doubt bring you closer and strengthen your bond.

4. We made our Date Nights & spending quality time together a priority:

We are busy, and we have a lot going on, but we make our relationship a priority. We schedule time that is just about us. It’s alone time where we can truly connect to one another, and have real quality time- minus any distractions. We leave our business and our phones at the door, and we just show up. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. It’s just about us being present with each other, laughing, talking, and sharing life.

5. We learned how to cook TOGETHER:

We both never cooked, and because of that, we ate out all the time. That wasn’t great for our waistline or our relationship. We started to learn how to create healthier, homemade versions of our favorite dine out recipes. We got into the kitchen together, experimented and just had FUN! We turned cooking into an activity we could do TOGETHER. The end product was that we got to sit down together and share about our day over a delicious healthy homemade meal!


Creating a Loving, Happy, and Healthy relationship is a practice, and it’s something we work on everyday. We went from having an unhealthy, destructive relationship to now having a business where we inspire other couples to connect on a deeper level, have more fun, and find real happiness and love within their relationship!

I’m still in aww when I think about how we’ve literally come full circle and are now helping others!! It’s kind of Ah-mazing!!


If so- We’ve gotcha covered.

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