Happy Tuesday,

Spring is in the Air!!

When I think of Spring I think of blue sky’s, backyard BBQ’s, big bowls of crisp salad, fresh berries, and pitchers of lemon water- or lemonade whichever you prefer!

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. The flowers are blooming, the grass is turning green, and the birds are chirping-it’s such a gorgeous time of year. The air is warmer, the sun is shinning, and we are transitioning from our leggings, and oversized sweaters, to sun dresses, jean shorts, and dare I say it!! Bathing suits!!!! Yes!!

This is a great time for cleansing and detoxing and getting rid of all that extra gunk and grim that tends to get stuck in the pipes during the colder months. It’s time to strip down, clear the pipes and lighten things up a little bit.

What a perfect time for Pantry Makeover Bootcamp!!!!

Just like with “Spring Cleaning” you have to clear away old junk, and make room for all the new healthy, lighter, stuff!! This is like a DETOX for your kitchen!!

Here are few tips to help clear out all the junk, so it will be easier for you make healthier choices!! So grab your trash bag, head to the pantry and lets get it crackin!!

1. Don’t keep temptations laying around:
This one should be a no brainer- right? Those glass jars on your counters filled with cookies, and treats are cute and fun but are dangerous for your waistline. If you know it’s there, and you keep it visible, chances are your going to get into it!! Your less likely to put your shoes on, get in the car, and drive to the store for whatever it is you just can’t live without! (Even though I’ve defiantly been guilty of doing that a few times before- but those were real M&M emergencies!!) Cravings will pass, but if what you want is staring you in the face, your probably going to go for it! It’s too easy!! So make it easy on yourself, and don’t keep junk in the house! It’s that simple!

2. Get rid of the Crap Snacks:
Chips, cookies, and those infamous 100 calorie snack bags!! Those chips A Hoy 100 calories snack packs may seem like a good idea, but all your doing is pumping your body full of sugar with no added nutrients! Your not doing yourself any favors here, and your going to be hungry again in 5 minutes!

Instead stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy go to snacks. Having small snacks between meals, is a good idea. It allows you to stabilize your blood sugar, so you don’t have those drastic up’s and down’s that leave you feeling cranky, starving, and tired. So keep apples, nuts, string cheese, and veggies and hummus on tap so you can grab them whenever you start to feel HANGRY.

3. Keep Processed Foods at a minimum:
We all eat processed foods, myself included, it’s unavoidable in this day and age. Unless your willing to make everything from scratch, and slave over the stove and spend wads of cash every week- You ain’t got time for that!! So SOME processed foods will be in your diet, but try to minimize is as much as you can. It’s just loaded with preservatives, sugar, and junk. There’s a reason it’s so quick and easy to whip up. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, I think it’s safe to say, you probably shouldn’t be putting it into your body! Try and keep the ingredient list to under 5 when possible.

What’s Processed Food:
Anything that comes in a box and has a nutritional label on it!! That includes canned soups, processed meats, and frozen dinners,

4. Eat Whole Foods:
Whole foods are exactly that- WHOLE and from the earth. They haven’t been tampered with yet. They’re nutrient dense, and you know exactly what your putting into your body! No surprises.

What Exactly is a Whole Food:
A food that has no ingredients. It hasn’t; been chopped, canned, diced, or mixed. It is in it’s natural form.
I.E. Apple, Tomato, Chicken, Kale, Quinoa, Banana – you get the idea

5. Beware of Undercover Sugar Spies:
Sugar is stealthy and prefers to lurk in the shadows, and disguise itself as something else. When you think about sugar, do you tend to just think about the obvious choices?- Like cookies, Little Debbie snacks, gushers? Yea me too, but we’ve already cleared those out in step 2- get rid of the crap snacks!! I’m talking about our other favorite go to pal-Salty Snacks!! MMMMM- I love salt!! I hate to break it to you, but those “salty” pretzels, crackers, and chips are just broken down in the body as what else…..SUGAR, sugar, and more sugar!! If you haven’t heard- word on the street is that our buddy Sugar- raises insulin- and what does insulin do in the body??? Well it likes to store FAT FAT & MORE FAT!!!  It’s pretty much self explanatory! I’m going to be doing a blog coming up on why FAT isn’t making you FAT- but how it’s actually SUGAR that’s making you FAT!! Stay Tuned!

So like anything else, everything is ok in moderation. Of course your going to enjoy cookies, and pretzels from time to time, but just be mindful of how you stock your kitchen, and make it easy for yourself to make healthier choices. It’s not what you do SOMETIMES, it’s what you do MOST OF THE TIME that makes the difference!!

What you choose to put in your body, can make the difference in not only the numbers on the scale but, more importantly how you feel, and how you show up in life!! It’s pretty powerful stuff!! FOOD is medicine, FOOD is energy, FOOD is healing!! So let’s kick off this spring feeling fresh, energized, lighter and free.

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