24 Hours In Vancouver: Brews, Bikes & Beautiful Stanley Park

Last weekend we took a quick road trip to Vancouver for an overnight stay..and we had sooo much fun exploring this incredible city!!

We’re currently living about 1 hour south of Vancouver….so we plan on going there A LOT over the next 3 months!

We only had 24 hours in Vancouver this time around…and we wanted to try and get as much in as possible!! Vancouver is a gorgeous, bustling city with so much to offer. Great food, tons of local craft beer, breathtaking views, and gorgeous hikes…just to name a few.

We only scraped the surface…but we had a fantastic time….so here’s a break down of what we did, where we ate, where we drank, and all the deets!!!


We stayed in the West End Neighborhood. Which is the cutest area… snuggled up close to Downtown. It’s right on the English bay…and within walking distance to Stanley park!!

This is a great neighborhood for biking, walking along the seawall, and exploring all the cafe’s, cute shops, and yummy restaurants.

Denman Street & Davie Streets are where it’s at for food. There are also tons of pubs & brew-houses..so don’t worry..you won’t go thirsty!!


Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites

This was a great location..right of Denman street..your only about a block away from the seawall and bike path.

The hotel was comfy, cozy & clean, and we would definitely stay here again.

We found it on booking.com and it was about $150 a night..with tax.


If your in Vancouver, you definitely have to check out Granville island. You can walk or drive there via the Burrad Bridge..or do what we did and take over a cute little tug boat ferry!!!


You can either take the Aqua Bus or The False Creek Ferry…we took the False Creek Ferry..you can’t go wrong either way!

We just went to the dock and took whatever ferry came first!! It was super simple..and it was only about a 5 minute ferry ride…and we saw otters on the way!! Woohooo!!

All ferries run every few minutes and there are a few different places to get on board. The closest dock from our hotel was at the Aquatic Center..which was about a 20 minute walk along the sea wall.

Here are their websites.. you can check out their schedule and locations.




If you have cash you can pay on board..if not you can pay with a card once you dock. I don’t remember how much it was…but it was pretty cheap!


Granville Island is known for it’s Public Market…which is out of this world… incredible!!! It’s a food lovers paradise. There are just rows and rows of fresh seafood, artisan breads & cheese’s, fresh/local produce, sweet treats, special coffee’s and tea’s…you name it..you want it…it’s there!!!

It does get super crowded…especially on the weekend….but it’s definitely worth a visit.


There’s a little stall..can’t remember the name..but it has a case full of delicious cheese cakes…and special treats! You can’t miss it..you’ll know your there, when your mouth won’t stop watering. Get the Apple Pie Cheesecake…OMG!! so amazing..definitely worth the splurge!


This was Canada’s first ever micro brewery!! Which is kind of cool!! It’s a small batch brewery, that crafts delicious, locally brewed beer!! They had some really good beer, and the energy of the place was super fun! They also had food, but we didn’t eat there!

We did a flight..and basically tried all their beers..LOL!! I highly suggest checking out this place..if your on the island.


-The Infamous IPA

-Maple Shack Cream Ale

-English Bay Pale Ale

They also have 3 rotating small batch brews…gotta check those out!! 


We ended up having dinner on the island…and this place was suggested by a local. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! Wow!! They had the freshest fish! There were four of us..we all got a different fish..and each one was better than the last!! Just fantastic!!

You on the water..and the view of the water and downtown Vancouver just adds to the experience!!

There is also a bar…and when we were leaving they started playing live music..which we LOOOVVVEE!! They were awesome!!

Can’t recommend this place enough! It was a little nicer..and little bit more expensive..but totally worth it..we rolled up in jeans and sweat shirts and were just fine!!

Ps..the bread and buttah is out of this world!!! LOL!! I’m a total bread girl…live for it…love it…need it in my life always!! and this bread was crispy yet soft, fresh, warm..the butter was soft…everything you could ever want..FANTASTIC!!


-The Steelhead Trout/ it’s pretty much like Salmon..I think they may be in the same family-ish..I dunno the fish was pink..and it was melt in your mouth GOOD!!!

-The Halibut

-The Rainbow Roll- AH-MAZING

After dinner we left the island..and headed back to downtown Vancouver..and went to the Yaletown neighborhood.


We ended up here because they were having 90’s night..and If your name was Bob then you got a free shirt…FYI…for those who don’t know…. Erran’s real name..his birth name is Bobby…we don’t talk about much…but when there’s a free shirt involved..I mean..you gotta represent!!

This place had good beers on draft..They played really fun music…but it did get super crowded..and super loud…It began to feel more like a club..so we got out of there.. I would say..if your not into the club scene..go early!!


We went to Cora’s on Robson. It was a cute little place…had a diner feel…really good omelettes!! It was a nice walk from our hotel.


This is a must do in Vancouver. Stanley Park is a HUGE…beautiful park..in the West End neighborhood. There is a about a 4 mile path that goes all the way around the park. The views are incredible…and there are also tons of running/biking/walking trails within the park itself. For this trip, we just stayed on the perimeter.

You’ll probably want to ride a bike to see it all.

The bath is pretty flat…and pretty doable for just about anyone!!

There’s also plenty of green grassy area’s to pull over…have a picnic lunch..take a nap..read a book..fly a drone…whatever you fancy!!


There are a million places to rent bikes all over the city…especially on Denman Road.

We went to English Bay Bikes on Denman.

I got a beach cruiser..so I could have a basket for Mimi La Roux..and Erran rode a city cruiser…we had the bikes for about 4 hours or so…and it cost about $58 bucks!

To finish off our 24 hour Vancouver extravaganza… we stopped in the Kitsilano neighborhood, which is right across the water from downtown Vancouver.

The main drag is W. Broadway..there’s tons of of restaurants, shops ect….and that happens to be where we stopped in for lunch!!


their own Kombucha..which they have on draft..it was delicious!!

This is a great place for lunch or dinner..and the menu is different depending on what time you go. Our friends.. who recommended it…said the rainbow trout was out of this world…but they didn’t have that on the lunch menu..so check the menu before you go.

If you want to explore the Kitsilano neighborhood, and are looking for some yummy mediterranean food..this is your spot!! There is also a few other locations around the city I believe.


-Hummus and pita- pita was ok…I’ve had better…remember I’m the bread gal…but the hummus was yummus

-The lentil soup

-Chicken Tawook

So there you have it! Our quick recap of our 24 hour extravaganza in Vancouver. We will def be heading back and exploring more of this incredible city.

We will share with you all that we find along the way. If you have any favorite spots in Vancouver..please pass them on to us!!! We would love to check them out!!!

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