Traveler’s School is a Fully Interactive, Comprehensive Online Course For HealthCare Travelers!

Travelers School is a step by step, 7 Modules with a Bonus Module, 8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches healthcare travelers how to travel smarter, make more money, and have the best possible experience on the road.

Whether you’re brand new to traveling or have been traveling for years, Travelers School will give you the tools, resources & support you need to feel Confident, Prepared & Empowered as a Healthcare Traveler!

What Is Travelers School?

How Does Travelers School Work?

This incredible IN-DEMAND Course has hundreds of graduates, and it’s no surprise why.

The Travelers School trainings are lessons, broken down into 7 modules with a Bonus Module over 8 weeks, and consist of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, worksheets, resource lists, and All of the training is online, contained in the private Travelers School member only site.

Students can view the training videos, connect with others, and ask questions as they work through the material.

Travelers School also includes interactive components during the live 8 weeks in the FB group, like Additional Trainings, Interviews, Live Q&A’s & Module Recaps, where Kim & Erran answers questions and offer strategic advice to ensure that the students have a clear understanding of what they’re learning, and receive the highest value from their investment.

You will have instant and lifetime access to all modules once you Enroll, and the next class begins.


  1. You can either dig in and binge watch all of the modules from start to finish in a weekend
  2. Jump ahead to the lesson you want to learn about right now
  3. Or go through it week by week with us and the other students in the FB group.
It’s totally up to you!!
No matter how you choose to go through it…you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to Travelers School..and you’ll have access to all the new additions, updates, & resources we will be adding to it over time.


  • Make thousands of more dollars on extensions
  • Double or more their hourly wage for OT & Callbacks
  • Aced their interviews and have received job offers right on the spot
  • Have applied lessons they’ve learned in the course into their personal lives…and have had mind blowing results!
  • Build more confidence and become Rockstar..Stand Out Travelers in our industry!

Watch This Video Below To See How Travelers School Has Impacted Our Students:


  • Make the money you deserve for all of your hard work?
  • Be a stand out traveler and discover the tips, tools and steps to take to be seen and heard in a crowded industry?
  • Be a Confident, Empowered traveler?
  • Do you feel Confused/Overwhelmed/Frusterated with all the noise online…and you just want to find everything you need to just one place?
  • Be an expert on everything you need to know and understand about the travel industry? (i.e. Housing, Pay, Negotiations, Interviews, Finding Jobs, Recruiters etc…)

If so my friend, then Travelers School is perfect for you!!!!!

Travelers School is an investment in the support, education and experience that will allow you to show up as an Empowered, Confident, & a Rockstar Travelers!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Is Travelers School Online Course

Travelers School is a online comprehensive course for health care travelers!!

It’s a 7 module 7 week online, interactive training that offers step by step guidance on how to have the most LUCRATIVE..FUN..& SUCCESSFUL Experience as a Healthcare Traveler!!

Travelers School is very interactive and offers extra hands on support:
  • We will be very active and very present for the 7 weeks in the FB group, as we break each module down on a weekly basis, and go through it with you. (We will be going in sequential order)
  • Each week we will cover one module….we will do a live training in the group and recap that module..diving deeper into what we’re learning.
  • Each week we will do a live Q&A in the group…checking in and making sure everyone is understanding what they’re learning.
  • We will be doing interviews with experts in the FB add even more support and connection for our students

Travelers School is your One Stop Shop for Everything you need to know as a Healthcare Traveler!!

Keep scrolling for more details!!

What Exactly Is An Online Course?

Online Courses are the new wave of teaching!! it’s how all the cool kids are learning these days!! It’s the more way of learning something new!

There are so many courses out there now you can literally take a course and learn about anything you want..!! We’ve taken tons of courses ourselves!!

A course is a way to learn and educate yourself in the privacy of your own home preferably in your PJ’s!!

It’s curriculum broken down and delivered to you all in one place!! You can connect and begin learning from anywhere in the long as there is an internet connection!!

There seems to be so many FREE resources out there. Why is Travelers School so different and what sets it apart from the others?

Travelers School does all the heavy lifting and hard work for you. You don’t have to waste time and energy searching through this blog..watching multiple Youtube videos and scrolling through all the FaceBook forums anymore!!

We take EVERYTHING you need to know and put it ALL in one place that’s organized and easy to navigate through! IT’S YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for Everything Travel Healthcare!! #Priceless

We don’t graze the surface on topics..leaving you wanting more!

Oh No!! We dive deep into all the areas of the travel industry. We peel back all the layers we don’t hold anything back..and we break it all down into bite sized..easy to understand lessons!!

Travelers School Is One Of A Kind..there is NOTHING else out there like it!!!! 

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete Travelers School?

Travelers School is a 7 module, 7 week online interactive training!

You will have instant access to ALL 7 MODULES ON MAY 1ST, When the school opens.

There’s a couple different ways to go through Travelers School:
1. You can either dig in and binge watch all of the modules from start to finish in just a couple of days, or take 6 months to get through all of the material
2. Jump ahead to the lesson you want to learn about right now
3. Or go through it week by week with us and the other students in the FB group.
It’s totally up to you!!
No matter how you choose to go through it…you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to Travelers School..and you’ll have access to all the new additions, updates, & resources we will be adding to it over time.
I’m a Veteran Traveler and have been traveling for many years, is Travelers School right for me?

The answer is YES!!

Unfortunately we meet so many travelers (ourselves included) that have been traveling for years and don’t know and understand clearly the things we teach in this course. (we made so many mistakes & left so much money on the table for so many years..bc we just didn’t know any different!)

You don’t know what you don’t know..and this course answers questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had!

Its not about how long you’ve been a traveler….it’s about the quality and the accuracy of the info you’ve learned along the way!!

I’m a student or I’m not ready to take the leap just yet..Is Travelers School right for me?

YES!!! HELL YES!!! This course was designed exactly for you!!!

The best investment you can make for yourself and your travel to take the time to educate yourself and learn all the important stuff NOW..and set yourself up for success from the beginning!!

No better time to start than right now!! By the time your ready to start your Traveling Adventure… you’ll be ready to rock and roll!!!

This course will have you way way way ahead of the game!

You won’t be worrying about the logistics of traveling, you will be making the best memories and enjoying the beautiful adventure that traveling healthcare offers!!

This course is a no brainer for you!!!


What if I don’t have time to get through it all right now! How long will I have Travelers School For?

You have Lifetime Access to Travelers School!!

You can return to it as many times as you need to.

We will be constantly updating the course as the industry changes and as we learn more.

You will have access to all the future updates.



Getting Started: from Prepping to Go, to How Much Experience, to Knowing Your WHY, this is the module that will kick off your travel experience!


Pay Package: This one is a Monster, but so important! We Dive Deep Into Tax Homes, Bill Rates, Per Diems, Pay Packages and everything there is to know about getting paid as a traveler!


How to find the RIGHT Recruiter/Company:  From finding the right company to working with multiple amazing Recruiters all taught by the Expert Herself Laura From Nomadicare!


First Steps Of Finding Your First Job: from Interviews, to Resumes, to Choosing a Contract and Location. We Cover It All!!


Negotiations: Understanding WHAT you can Negotiate, HOW to Negotiate, and most importantly, WHY you should Negotiate!


Housing: Our entire process, tricks, tips & tools of finding your own housing & saving the most money in the process!


Traveler Tips: Mindset, First Day Prep, Dealing with Drama/Politics/Difficult Co-Workers


Everything About Travel Taxes with Joseph Smith, How To Stay Healthy On The Road, Our Workout and Nutrition Mega Database, RV Travel & So Much More!!

What Actual Students Are Saying About Travelers School

I purchased Travelers School for its packaging, hoping that my husband and I would go through it together. Otherwise, I would just be showing him random Youtube videos about my idea of traveling, but the impact isn’t the same. He is a virgo, very organized and needs to research everything before he tries or buys! Travelers School is clearly outlined, easy to follow and fun! It keeps us entertained and we love to follow Mimi around the screen, too 🙂Oh my gosh–Online Course Module 1, Lesson 1: My husband and I filled out our “Know Your Why” worksheets this evening. I’ve known him since we were 13 yrs old, and many cool things were revealed to each other during this exercise. I feel like this course provides a STRONG foundation upon which to build our travel life together. There is no other resource out there like it! Travelers School is clearly outlined, easy to follow, very informative and fun! It is most definitely worth the money as an investment for my future. With Travelers School, I feel emboldened, empowered and enlightened as a practitioner about to embark on a travel life adventure! I believe in you and your mission. Shine on!!!

Michelle G.

Physician Assistant Certified

I purchased Kim and Erran’s Travelers School. This is the best advice anyone can get if they want to be a traveler, or even for those who are already a traveling. The modules have taught me so much already. I was asked to extend at my current contract, and after watching the module on negotiations I felt prepared and confident going into the talks. I knew what to ask for, and most importantly I understood why I was asking for it! Because of the tips and tools I learned from that module, I was able to get $5.00 more per hour, I got extra money to buy scrubs, and a $600 bonus. That’s $3400 extra bucks I made on just this one extension!! I didn’t even know you should make more money on extensions before watching this course!! These modules will put money in your pocket. I’m so happy to have Kim and Erran around, and I feel Travelers School is definetly going to make me an Empowered Traveler.

Susie F.

Radiology Traveler

I just leveled up and invested in Travelers School. The price is an absolute steal. The content in Travelers School has already saved me so much money..more than triple than what this course is being sold for…when I was negotiating my first contract. If your on the fence make the investment in yourself!!”

Dylan C.

Doctor Of Physical Therapy

There’s a world of difference between being a permanent employee vs a traveling employee. There’s also a lot of information to learn to be able to maximize your wages, finding safe affordable housing and such. When I began seriously contemplating on making the move to the travel tech world Google and Facebook became my friend. I found I was spending too much time in front of a computer to find all the answers to my many questions.

One evening on FB I stumbled upon the Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs group. That’s where I found out about the training videos that Kim and Errand taught. After watching a few of their trainings, I reached out to Kim and Erran. I discovered they not only had the answers to my questions, they were passionate about helping people like me, so I signed up for Travelers School.

I now know things I would have never even thought to learn. I felt confident interviewing recruiters. I knew what questions to ask and knew what was and what wasn’t acceptable. Included in my enrollment of Travelers School is a one on one with Kim and Erran. I chose to use my one on one while negotiating for my first assignment. Utilizing their strategy I was able to negotiate approximately $245 more per week than what was originally offered. This is a course that actually pays for itself many times over. If I want a refresher, it’s there if I need it.

Thank you Kim and Erran!!

Lisa G.

MRI Technologist

As a newbie still on my first contract, I had no clue what to ask my recruiter or what to expect once on assignment. I just knew I was ready to take the leap into traveling. I had previously spoken with both Kim and Erran, picking their brains about key points. When they came out with Travelers School, it was a no brainer to get it. I’m half way through and I’ve learned so much. Questions to ask when interviewing, pay package details, and recruiter red flags. This has been such a fun, inspirational course not only on a career level but a personal level. I’ve taken their “know your why” and have been implementing into my personal life. Kim and Erran have both the life and career that I aspire to have. Traveler School is definitely a key to making that happen.

Melissa R.

MRI/CT Travel Technologist

Who TEACHES Travelers School?

Travelers-School is led by Kim & Erran Gipson, the creators of the popular Facebook group..Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs…and of The First Ever Comprehensive Online Course, Travelers School.

Kim and Erran are leaders in the travel industry and lead free online trainings for health care travelers. They share insight from their own experiences, and provide the education, resources and support needed to help Empower travelers and prepare them for life on the road.

Kim and Erran are speakers at the wildly popular Travelers Conference in Las Vegas, and they also speak at colleges, educating and talking to students about the opportunities for travel once they graduate.

In 2012 Kim and Erran decided to listen to their hearts and take the leap. They left their full time jobs, sold their house and everything they owned and began the adventure of a lifetime!!

Through travel they’ve found their passion, and their mission is To give travelers, no matter where they are on their journey, all the Resources, Tips, Tools, Support, Inspiration, Guidance, and Confidence they need….to have the most INCREDIBLE…SUCCESSFUL..FUN…ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!!




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