A Store for Healthcare Travelers consisting of Swag, Apparel, and Items that will help you along your journey!!

Travel Life Freedom In Scrubs and Travelers School Apparel

Who doesn’t love the Life of Travel, and a pug!! We created apparel that brings both of those things together.  We hope you wear these shirts with pride and love representing the amazing life we get to live, along with the understanding of the impact we get to have across the nation.  Wear a Pug…….Make an Impact!!!

Blenders Eyewear

Before we started, a few types of shades (unfairly) dominated the market for years. Fresh, Vibrant, Comfortable Sunglasses at a reasonable price didn’t exist.  

So we made our own.

Your shades should say something about you. They should tell a story about who you are and the life you love to live. Our lives are unpredictable and exciting and we need shades that fit our lifestyle.

Blenders was founded on passion and we pride ourselves on radical design that unabashedly pushes you outside your comfort zone. They are for the pleasure-seekers of the world, the ones who lust for life’s adventure, and the people who will not stop until they find it.

Roof Bag

The only thing that we are upset about is that we didn’t get this when we first started traveling.  As travelers we keep our items to a minimum, and often throw things away at the end of contracts, just to have to re-purchase them again when we arrive at our new contract.  The roof bag allowed us to store everything we needed in our Toyota Camry.  We even were going to keep our plunger, lol!! (We Didn’t)

But the roof bag was safe, and easy to install.  It stayed safe during our very windy road trip and made it through some treacherous rain and conditions.  It is a must have for the long road trips we all take.  If you are wanting more room in the vehicle, and more room to store the things that you would normally have to replace, then a roof bag is your best road trip companion.

Optional Add-On’s We Purchased with Our Roof Bag (Just click the accessories below for more info)

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