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Welcome To Our Resources Page, we hope you enjoy checking out all the amazing resources that we have put in one place for you.

The resources on this page are resources that we personally Use and Love!  One thing you will learn from us is we will only give you the Companies, Resources, and Items that we use and feel are great, trustworthy, and filled with value.  Theses will be the keys to your amazing traveling experience. 

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Laura is The Recruiter/Traveler Matchmaker!! She is truly an expert and innovator in our industry when it comes to finding recruiters and companies who are doing things the right way..the honest way!!

She listens to what your needs are as the traveler and she pairs you up with a recruiter and company who would be the best fit for you!! She holds her recruiters ACCOUNTABLE and to very very HIGH STANDARDS!!

Laura leads with integrity and kindness and that is something you can expect from her team of amazing recruiters!!

The Traveling Traveler

Julia is a Speech-Language Pathologist who combines working as a healthcare traveler along with traveling the world in between assignments. Hence, the traveling traveler.
Whether you are looking to be a traveling healthcare professional and take short-term assignments or take a vacation to a new destination, I hope to inspire you to travel and offer resources and inspiration to help you on your journey.

New Medical Nomads

Dylan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who started the New Medical Nomads podcast and youtube channel.  His episodes are full of value and are so much fun to listen too, especially on the long road trips that we as travelers are always on.  Definitely check this much needed resource out.  Subscribe and leave a comment behind and let him know just how valuable his episodes are.

Fit, Travel, Life

“Fit Travel Life is a website and community that helps travel healthcare professionals make their own health a priority. Check out the site for more tips or our Facebook community to connect with other professionals working towards their goals.”


Discovering the need for innovation in healthcare staffing, Wanderly is creating a transparent marketplace for the healthcare staffing industry using blockchain, big data, and machine learning. We employ these technologies to bring travel healthcare professionals and agencies together faster in an ecosystem predicated on enabling meaningful connections for everybody involved.

We challenge the status quo. We’re committed to continually improving Wanderly, so by all means, challenge our status quo too.

(excerpt from their website)

TravCon 2019

TravCon is the only conference that is dedicated to the Traveling Healthcare Professional. It provides the opportunity to network with other travelers and top industry insiders.

You can earn CEU’s for classes specific to the industry, connect with other travelers, and meet staffing agencies in a relaxed, low-pressure setting. Many of the sessions will share strategies, tips and suggestions on how to approach the unique challenges healthcare travelers face.

The Exhibit Hall has over 75 exhibitors – many of them staffing agencies with open positions to fill. You’ll come away from this conference with a whole new set of skills on how to manage your traveling career.

Travel Tax

Joseph Smith is a God send for Healthcare Travelers, he is a fellow traveler (Respiratory Therapist) turn travelers tax guru.  He is extremely knowledgable, and provides support and guidance to Healthcare Travelers in one of the most confusing and often scariest part of Traveling as a Healthcare Professional.  

His way of teaching makes a complex topic easy to digest and put into action.  Check out all his details by clicking the box.  He also will provide free consultations and answer questions that you might have.  If you are a healthcare traveler then he and is team is a must have resource for all things taxes!!


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