Shannon Bristol

Where are you originally from?

Peoria, IL (home of corn and soy beans lol)

What is your Specialty as a Traveler?

Radiologic Technologist RT(R) Cath Lab

How many years have you been traveling?

Just finishing up my first assignment in a few weeks! 🤗

Do you Travel Solo?  With Pets or Family?

Solo traveler…..unless you count my traveling circus!

Let’s Get To Know More About Shannon:

Where has been your favorite place you Traveled?

So far lol Kenosha, Wisconsin

What is your favorite thing you like to explore or experience while your on assignment?

All the things!!!!! Food!!!! Native or popular things to do in the areas!!!

Where is your dream location…your bucket list place to take an assignment? Why?

Soooo many! New Hampshire….Oregon…..Arizona…

Why? Why not 😋 I love Beauty in places!

I wanna see things I’ve never seen before! Light houses! Huge bodies of water! Mountains!

WHY did you decide to start traveling?

Freedom! Adventure! Creating some meaningful memories for myself. Make life fun for myself! After divorce, and not having the life I planned….I want to create my own happiness now!

What is your #1 tip you’d share with a new traveler…who’s just getting started?

Sign up for travelers school!!!!! Ask every question you can!!! Learn NOW instead of in hindsight!

What is a mindset goal you are or will be working on for or during your traveling adventure?

Honestly, my goal is just to grow! To learn as much as I can about myself and who I am suppose to be in this life!

Helping others and saving lives is just the icing!

What is your favorite part of traveling so far?

People!!! I have only been to one assignment, but if it has done anything at all for me already it’s made me SOOOOOOO EXCITED to meet more and more people and share in their lives and experiences!

I already have made some amazing friends, who I know I will keep for an eternity in this life! I want to collect life long friends everywhere I go!

What other passions or interests do you want to explore…while living the travel life?

If I found love along the way it would be amazing!!!!!

If I just collect amazing friends along the way my cup would runneth over!!

I want to explore people and dive into their world, and fill mine up with nothing but happiness and adventure!

Shannon’s Favorite Quote(S)

Let’s Talk About Travelers School!!!

What was your biggest take away from Travelers School…Biggest Win?

Confidence!!!! It’s something that I would fake it, till I make it, my whole life! But to actually have knowledge and not have to fake it is SOOOOOOO REWARDING to me!!!!

I just landed my second assignment and negotiated the crap out of it with my new awesome recruiter. Normally I would just take what’s given in life and not ask questions, but having the knowledge I’ve gained from Travelers School helped me to HAVE QUESTIONS and UNDERSTAND WHY it was fair for me to get the pay I desired!! It felt amazing!!! 

What was your favorite part about Travelers School…Why?

Kim and Erran!!! You guys are soooo uplifting and positive! Even through the worst start and the worst assignment I think I could have found (God hopefully) to begin this career, you guys gave me so much light to get me through it! It’s been a rough one! I really hope I don”t find many places like this who treat travelers like they first did.

As well, I started with a recruiter who was (let’s just say non existent). You guys constantly made me redirect and look at what I can gain from all of it! I’ve already grown SOOO MUCH!

Who would you recommend Travelers School to? 

Everyone in the travel world! I’ve told every traveler I meet about you guys!

In your opinion, why do you think Travelers should invest in Travelers School….what will they get out of it?

You will gain an abundance of knowledge to kick off your career or even better the one you have begun! Get the most out of this career!!

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