Mitch Cry

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans but I have lived in Los Angeles, Austin, Louisville and Biloxi.

What is your Specialty as a Traveler?

Cardiac Sonographer

How many years have you been traveling?

I am just beginning my travel life and am currently trying to acquire my first travel assignment.

Do you Travel Solo?  With Pets or Family?

I travel (or I will be traveling) solo, but you never know maybe I’ll meet someone out there on one of my assignments…

Let’s Get To Know More About Mitch:

What is your favorite part of traveling that you are looking forward to the most?

Well once I get out there I want to be able to explore the parks and nature preserves of where I’m heading.

Being from South Louisiana and exploring the bayous and wetlands when i was younger has me wanting to check out the hiking and mountain biking areas of where I go.

I’m also somewhat of a foodie so checking out great restaurants is up there on the list too.

Where is your dream location…your bucket list place to take an assignment? Why?

I’d like to explore the whole country from Alaska and Hawaii all the way to Florida and up to Maine. Maybe one day I’ll check and see if there is an opportunity or two to take my career Down Under and see if I can snag a travel gig in Austrailia.

WHY did you decide to start traveling?

I’ve always had the urge to travel as part of my job and have lived in a few places around the country but finally this career has afforded me the opportunity to travel and work in many different places around the country and I can’t wait to get out there.

What is your #1 tip you’d share with a new traveler…who’s just getting started?

I’ll let you know after my first assignment!

What other passions or interests do you want to explore…while living the travel life?

I want to dive into each areas custom and culture and see how quickly I can live like a local wherever I go. 

We asked Mitch for a Favorite Quote and this was his response, so Classic!!!!

Let’s Talk About Travelers School!!!

What was your biggest take away from Travelers School…Biggest Win?

My biggest take away from Travelers School has been the knowledge that I have gained as to what to ask in the different phases of trying to get your first assignment. There are questions to ask to create a relationship with your recruiter.

There are questions to ask during your interview or interviews. And then there are questions to ask when you are negotiating your contract. All of this knowledge is very valuable and Kim and Erran explain everything in easy to relate to ways that will become second nature to you.

My Biggest Win is a little bit different. I would have to say that the group of people I have started to become friends with who are either a part of Travelers School (Kim, Erran and Laura from Nomadicare) and the other members of the group who are there with a helping hand or someone to talk to about situations that they have been through already.

What was your favorite part about Travelers School…Why?

The live Q&A’s are one of my favorite parts about Travelers School because it allows the group to communicate in real time and help each other solve issues and problems.

Who would you recommend Travelers School to? 

I have already recommended Travelers School to a number of people and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who is thinking about starting a career as a healthcare traveler.

In your opinion, why do you think Travelers should invest in Travelers School….what will they get out of it?

I think the biggest reason people should invest and sign up for Travelers School is without a doubt Kim and Erran!! They are always there to help with a question or a piece of advice from their years of living their lives on the road as healthcare travelers.

Their passion for creating a space filled with information that every traveler can use to better their life on the road is important. They haven’t just created a list of things but they are continually creating and updating and staying current with all the issues that are important for healthcare travelers to make life better, more profitable and as stress free as possible for all of us.

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