Lorien Wichner

Where are you originally from?

I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

What is your Specialty as a Traveler?

Cardiac Sonographer

How many years have you been traveling?

6 months!

Do you Travel Solo?  With Pets or Family?

I travel with my dog, Jaxson and my boyfriend, Nate!

Jax and I drove out to Dover, DE by ourselves, but Nate flew in about mid-way through my contract and is staying for the remainder after I extended.

Jax will always be with me but I’m not sure if Nate will always accompany us for every contract.

Let’s Get To Know More About Lorien:

What is your favorite part of traveling that you are looking forward to the most?

So far my favorite part is just all the new experiences! I picked Dover, DE because of it’s close proximity to a lot of major east coast cities. I have been to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, DE, and I am currently planning a trip to New York City before we leave in a few weeks!

It’s been so awesome to have the opportunity to travel the country and get paid while doing it. Obviously, there’s a lot of work involved as well but it’s definitely worth it.

What has been your favorite place you’ve traveled to so far?

So far, my favorite place to visit has probably been Philadelphia. We had so much fun seeing all of the history and the Reading Terminal Market is amazing.

I am not working there, but I am about 1.5 hours away in Dover so it’s an easy day trip. Currently considering a contract there!

What is your favorite thing you like to explore or experience while your on assignment?

I love trying as many restaurants as possible! I try to limit it to one or two a week so that I’m not going too crazy with the calories and whatnot, but sometimes it can be hard because there’s so many places!

Also, being on the East Coast right now, I find it super interesting to see all of the history, and of course, I love seeing the ocean! I’m from South Dakota so no beaches around there.

Where is your dream location…your bucket list place to take an assignment? Why?

Alaska!! It looks amazingly beautiful and I know someone who lives there and she loves it!

I would love to explore the wilderness (not like Survivor style or anything, just hiking lol), and it’s just so beautiful and clean.

WHY did you decide to start traveling?

I’m not going to lie. The money was a big incentive. But I’ve also spent so long living paycheck to paycheck and taking care of my family back home that I just felt I needed to start taking care of me.

I wanted to see more than just little old South Dakota, and why not travel and make money while doing it? It seemed like a win-win to me! 

Lorien’s Favorite Quote:

What is your #1 tip you’d share with a new traveler…who’s just getting started?

For someone just starting out, I would say definitely be open to new experiences! Not just traveling new places, because obviously that’s a big part of it. But also remember when you go to new facilities that just because you are used to doing things a certain way, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way.

Every facility will have different ways of doing things, and it’s fine to make suggestions, but ultimately, it’s up to them how they want things to be done, and if you don’t open yourself up to new possibilities, you’re going to have a hard time. (Obviously if they are doing something super wrong or dangerous for patients, you can report that.)

What is a mindset goal you are or will be working on for or during your traveling adventure?

I am definitely working on being healthier, physically and mentally. I have lost about 15 pounds since I started traveling, but sometimes I find it hard to stay on track. There are so many places I want to try and sometimes I just have really long days and don’t feel up to making a meal and it’s so much easier to pick food up.

Mentally, I know I’m already so much better off than when I started. I don’t feel as stressed about making ends meet and I don’t have to talk myself into going to work every single day. But there’s still room for improvement!

What other passions or interests do you want to explore…while living the travel life?

I have started a new travel blog on FB/Instagram to document our travels as we go. I want to get back into my love of photography. It has definitely been put to the wayside as of late. 


Let’s Talk About Travelers School!!!

What was your biggest take away from Travelers School…Biggest Win?

For me, the pay package breakdown was super helpful. I had no idea before I began traveling how complicated the pay could be!

They explain what a permanent tax home is, why you might need/want one, the difference between tax free and taxed pay, call and holiday pay, etc. It was all super helpful!

What was your favorite part about Travelers School…Why?

I love the Travelers School Exclusive Facebook group! And Mimi of course! She’s adorable 🙂

The group gives you a whole community of people with common goals and interests, so when you are out on the road, you don’t feel alone. You know you can go on there and ask questions, make some friends, and everyone is super helpful. 

Who would you recommend Travelers School to? 

I would recommend it to any travelers, new or veterans. They have so much information and even people who have been doing it for a while could learn some new things!

In your opinion, why do you think Travelers should invest in Travelers School….what will they get out of it?

For one, they will get a whole community of support! But it also has so much information. There’s info about pay packages, negotiating contracts, finding housing, health insurance, and the list goes on.

If you have a question, they have an answer. And if they don’t have it in their program, you can ask them or people within the Facebook group and they will look into it for you! 

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would say if you are feeling stuck at your dead-end job or just feeling like you’re sleepwalking through your life, then travel could be for you! I was struggling to make it through every day at my last job. The hours were terrible, the pay sucked, and the staff were all varying degrees of burnt out. I wasn’t feeling appreciated at all, and I felt like every day just made me more depressed.

I had been wanting to travel for a while and even though it was hard to leave my family, I felt like I had to do it. Why live a life you hate? Obviously I enjoyed being near my family, but this way I’m only gone for 3 months at a time and then I can go home and recharge, or I could just go from contract to contract if I wanted.

You get to work when you want! You get to negotiate your pay. You get to decide where you want to be. And you get to see the country! Of course there are some bumps in the road here and there (no pun intended), but the experience more than makes up for them!

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