Kyle Carvalho

Where are you originally from?

Las Vegas, NV

What is your Specialty as a Traveler?

General and Vascular Ultrasound

How many years have you been traveling?

First contract!

Do you Travel Solo?  With Pets or Family?


Let’s Get To Know More About Kyle:

What is your favorite part of traveling that you are looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to seeing some cities nearby travel assignments that I may never visit if it weren’t for choosing to travel.

Checking out different gyms in every city is a hobby of mine. Hiking beautiful scenery is something I highly look forward to throughout the country.

What has been your favorite place you’ve traveled to so far?

South Carolina!

What is your favorite thing you like to explore or experience while your on assignment?

Hiking and try out the different gyms the city and nearby areas have to offer. The nature is BEAUTIFUL here!

Where is your dream location…your bucket list place to take an assignment? Why?

Miami! Because the weather is unbeatable year round!

WHY did you decide to start traveling?

I decided to start traveling to be able to help family back home while paying my loans off YEARS sooner than if I were to stay back home and work.

Kyle’s Favorite Quote:

What is your #1 tip you’d share with a new traveler…who’s just getting started?

To humble yourself from the get go so no one has to do it for you!

If we come from a place of appreciation it reciprocates quickly in the workplace; how we interact with our body language and level of willingness to learn daily by writing things down instead of asking them numerously, shows that the traveler wants to be there, thus they’ll reciprocate that they’ll want you to be there MORE!

What is a mindset goal you are or will be working on for or during your traveling adventure?

To be able to become more abundant minded. When someone is in the same habitat/location for a long period of time they tend to be limited in their vision of life; this reflects in a way of scarcity mindset.

Traveling has helped resolve my own challenge of overcoming a scarcity mindset.

What other passions or interests do you want to explore…while living the travel life?

I want to explore places that I’d likely never see otherwise! It is like a working vacation!

Let’s Talk About Travelers School!!!

What was your biggest take away from Travelers School…Biggest Win?

The biggest win is to be conscious of the pay package. Kim and Erran saved me over one thousand dollars between extension and fighting for my holiday pay to be fair for me versus what the recruiter was going to take if I didn’t mention what I had learned in Travelers School.

What was your favorite part about Travelers School…Why?

My favorite part is being able to go to any module at any time thereafter purchase – it is a LOT of THOROUGH information so digesting it in one sitting is not feasible.

Who would you recommend Travelers School to? 

I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about travelling. If it wasn’t for me investing into Travelers School I likely would’ve never travelled to my first contract!

In your opinion, why do you think Travelers should invest in Travelers School….what will they get out of it?

You will net more likely in your first assignment than if you do not; this course’s teachings saved me over a thousand in my first contract!

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