Brooke Hanegraaf

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota, moved to Broomfield, Colorado where I spent 4 years, and now, I am going to start traveling!

What is your Specialty as a Traveler?

General Sonographer

How many years have you been traveling?

My first assignment starts Jan 7, 2019 at Seattle Children’s!

Do you Travel Solo?  With Pets or Family?

My boyfriend is a touring musician, so when he is not on tour he will be with me wherever my assignment is, however if he is touring I will be alone, or on the road with him if I am not currently on a contract! (talk about a crazy lifestyle!)

Let’s Get To Know More About Brooke:

What is your favorite part of traveling that you are looking forward to the most?

One thing I am looking forward to the most with traveling is gaining confidence in my skills as a sonographer.  Working with different doctors, different departments, and just growing my knowledge and confidence as a tech since I have only been in the field for 3 years!

Where is your dream location…your bucket list place to take an assignment? Why?

Currently, my “why” for traveling is to be able to pay off my debt, so location isn’t as important for me.

However, I definitely would love to take an assignment in Hawaii or Alaska! What an amazing experience most people don’t have the opportunity to have! 

WHY did you decide to start traveling?

I decided to start traveling for a few reasons! I graduated from ultrasound school in 2015 where I then got a job at Children’s Hospital Colorado and fell in love with pediatric ultrasound. However, this was all I knew! I feel that being so new in my career it’s important to keep learning, keep growing, working with different people and doctors and just gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible! And what better way to do that than traveling!

I also wanted to travel because I knew there was an opportunity for me to pay off my student loans a little bit faster which I am working really hard to do! On top of all that, my family all lived in Minnesota and my boyfriend is a touring musician and is traveling the U.S. about 8 months out of the year, so nothing was really holding me in Colorado! 

Brooke’s Favorite Quote:

What is your #1 tip you’d share with a new traveler…who’s just getting started?

I will get back to you once I figure it out 😉

What is a mindset goal you are or will be working on for or during your traveling adventure?

I feel that my mindset is going to be different for each contract.  For this upcoming contract I am very focused on spending my time outside of work wisely and really living in the moment, especially when I am alone.

Leaving my cell phone at home and enjoying this journey.  I am also, like my favorite quote, really working on getting comfortable with always being uncomfortable!

What other passions or interests do you want to explore…while living the travel life?

I am extremely passionate about fitness. It has become a huge part of my life the last couple of years, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself with staying healthy on the road as well as trying out new gyms and experiences!

I also am quite an introvert and if I am by myself, I’m really good at staying in, watching movies, and keeping to myself! I am excited to challenge myself to go out and experience these new places and try new foods, even when I am by myself! 

Let’s Talk About Travelers School!!!

What was your biggest take away from Travelers School…Biggest Win?

How do I pick just one thing? My biggest takeaway from travelers school would be learning about tax homes. Having it explained multiple times, and having Kim and Erran available to ask questions if you still don’t fully understand.

It is invaluable information, as well as having the interview with Joseph Smith to really nail down the importance of having a tax home, and how to go about doing it!

What was your favorite part about Travelers School…Why?

My favorite part about travelers school is being able to go at your own pace, but also being able to all come together with the live facebook recaps to ask questions, and to see other people’s questions that you maybe didn’t think of! 

Who would you recommend Travelers School to? 

I would recommend travelers school to any traveler who jumped into traveling without much information, any new travelers, as well as anyone who may be thinking of traveling!

In your opinion, why do you think Travelers should invest in Travelers School….what will they get out of it?

The information I received in travelers school is absolutely invaluable. I was a dreamer when I found out about travelers school and was unaware there was anything to learn about traveling!

Because of Travelers school I can say I have found two of the most amazing recruiters, and with my first assignment, I not only negotiated my contract to better fit my needs, but I am saving almost HALF of my housing stipend because of the tips I received from Kim and Erran! 

Anything else you’d like to share?

I have a fitness instagram (nothing too serious) where I like to share what I have learned throughout my fitness journey.  I am excited to add the extra challenge of doing it on the road and will be documenting my battles, and my successes! If you have any interest give it a follow! (CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO FOLLOW BROOKE!!)

I have never in my life felt so right about a decision then I do about choosing to travel.  I owe a huge part of that to Kim and Erran, for helping me understand the ins and outs of traveling, and feeling empowered as a traveler without the experience.  The unknown is terrifying, being uncomfortable is uncomfortable and I have never been so ready to dive in head first and I honestly don’t think I would be having the same feelings had I not gone through Travelers School!

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