We’re Kim and Erran G…and we love-love-love to travel, explore the world, and live life to the fullest!! We love traveling so much we found a way within our existing careers to earn money while we travel.

We both work in the medical field, and In 2012 we were feeling burnt out with life that we had created!!

A Brief Synapses of How We Were Living Life Pre-Travel…
We only had 4 days off a month

We had to take tons of call just to make ends meet

We worked our butts off, but we were still broke AF

We’d overdraft our bank account……..just to order a pizza!!!

We felt like it was Ground Hogs Day….Everyday

We wanted to take time off to travel and see the world…but we never had enough PTO..or money in savings to go

We felt stuck in this 9-5 grind…this rat race…and it felt like there was no end in sight

We felt like we were settling for life that didn’t feel in alignment with what we truly wanted (MORE FREEDOM!!)

We wanted more time to explore other Passions, Interests & Desires!

So we decided to trade in our full time 9-5 careers and become Healthcare Travelers!!!
We sold our home, and everything we owned, packed up the car, and saddled up for a life on the road…full of Adventure, FREEDOM, Purpose, Passion & Travel!

We had no idea what we we’re getting ourselves into, and we had no road map to help guide the way!! It wasn’t smart from a financial standpoint to quit our FT jobs and hit the road with $0 in savings…but we knew we had to go for it anyway!!

It made no sense…but yet..It Felt So Right!!

It wasn’t a logical decision…It was a SOUL DECISION!!!

And It was THE BEST Freaking Decision We’ve ever made!!!
Since 2012 we’ve been on the most incredible journey together!!

Both Internally and Externally!!

We have grown together..we have expanded past our comfort zones..and we’ve brought our Passions…our Dreams…our DesiresTO LIFE!!

We get to live in some of the most beautiful places in our country, and meet the most incredible people along the way!!

We get to work for a few months…and then take a few months off to travel the world, work on our business (teaching & coaching other healthcare travelers) & basically just LIVE Our Best Life!!

Cheers to you & your next adventure!!!

“We hope by sharing our story…we can inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, move through their fears, and go after whatever it is that makes them HAPPY!!!”

Become An Empowered Healthcare Traveler
We created a FB Group to Empower, Support & Inspire other Healthcare Travelers

(Whether your a Dreamer, Newbie Traveler, or a Veteran TravelerWE’VE GOT YOU COVERED)

We lead free trainings and share everything we’ve learned to help other travelers succeed and have the most incredible adventures on the road!


We’ve also created the first ever Online Comprehensive Course for HealthCare TravelersTRAVELERS SCHOOL!!

Which is basically your One Stop Shop..and everything you need to know…in order to be as PREPARED, CONFIDENT, and EMPOWERED as a Healthcare Traveler!!


We also have Trainings and share all of our Travel Adventures on our  You Tube Channel: Kim and Erran G

Get To Know The Gipson’s
We are Spirit Junkies, “Minimalists”, and Gypsy Souls, who travel the World/United States with our Fur Baby Mimi La Roux.

We have been together since 2007…and married since 2010!!!

Most weekends you can find us at the beach, hiking, working from our laptops, binge watching netflix, or exploring our new city/town/country, where ever that may be.

We are always in the mood for Good Beer, Live Music, Board Games, Good Friends & Adventures.

Since we live in our workout clothes most days, on date nights we clean up nice, wear real clothes, and have a night on the town- which usually includes- Dinner, too many drinks, lots of laughter, and our dancing shoes!!

Travel teaches us that not all individuals follow the same path, uniqueness is good, and some of the richest life lessons come from the most unexpected places.

The paper airplane in our logo embodies the spirit within us as Healthcare Travelers. Each paper airplane’s design, journey, and end point is unique, and that is a beautiful thing.

We have the unique opportunity to create our own unique design, journey, and end point.  It is within this unique journey that we get the opportunity to spread our own wings and fly, We might fall short of our targeted landing point from time to time, but we pick up where we land, make some adjustments, learn some new lessons, and then we set flight onto another unique path.

This logo not only speaks to us personally, but it encompasses the entire story of our travel lives.

The Pug on the other hand is our precious fur baby Mimi Laroux.  She has been traveling with us since she was One.  She has been our logo three times. She is always in our videos and has become a kind of a wheres Waldo, the pug version, in our Travelers School Online Program.

We hope that when you see this logo, you feel inspired and supported, and remember that everyones design, journey, and end point is unique, and that is the beauty of every Healthcare Traveler!!!

Kim and Erran G


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