Tobata is an amazing style of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  We absolutely love Tobata for so many reasons.  It torches fat and calories, increases cardio-vascular and muscular endurance, and builds muscle. It’s fast, effective, and gets results.

Our Tobata’s have a total of 7 Rounds.  They’re 8 cycles per round. You rotate between 20 seconds of HIGH INTENSITY-ALL YOU’VE GOT work time- to a 10 second recovery break. Each round totals 4 minutes. After the 4 minute cycle there is a 30 second break before you hit the next round.

You can do anything for 20 secs right?!! Give it your all for those 20 secs!!! Tobata Training definitely get your metabolism pumping, & burns calories and fat all day long.

Here is a Sneak Peak into our Tobata Style of Workout. You can either watch the video and workout out with us, or click the link below the video to print the PDF and get your sweat on in your favorite Hot Spot!!

To obtain access to the Full Length Tobata Workout Video, and our Exercise Library with over 150+ demonstrations of different movements, Join our Get Fit From Within Membership Today.

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