After giving birth to my second child, I was not feeling good about myself. I was over weight, over tired, and OVER IT in general. I new it was time for a change, so I contacted Kim & Erran to teach me how to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. They showed me how to eat clean, exercise efficiently, and how to really love myself for who I am- Inside and out!! They taught me how to eat food that nourished my body, but also tasted delicious. in a way that that was easy for me to implement into my busy schedule. They showed me how easy it is to squeeze 30 minutes into my day, and get an awesome workout in my garage, while my daughter took her nap. They are both so incredible easy to talk to, down to earth, and have such a great sense of humor. In just a couple of weeks I began to see results, and more importantly FEEL them!! They helped me set goals and reach them. I learned so much in such a short amount of time from Kim and Erran. They have given me the tools I need to to lead a healthier and happier life, and I’m so grateful. 2 Thumbs up for this dynamic duo!!!!

Debbie Wheeler

Working out with Kim and Erran was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Not only did I get great workouts, and tons of lifestyle tips, but I got the much needed encouragement and support system along with it. After working with them for six weeks, I not only felt better about myself, but my clothes were fitting better too. I noticed myself not feeling as tired, I had more energy, and an overall more positive attitude. Kim and Erran are such a fun couple and encourage you to reach all of your fitness and lifestyle goals. Working with them, also helped me feel better about myself and the biggest take away was If I don’t show up for myself, how can I show up for anyone else. I would recommend working with Kim and Erran to anyone who wanted to feel better, and create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Kelsey Brake

Working with Kim and Erran has been an amazing experience. They are so enthusiastic and supportive every step of the way. In the past I always got discouraged, bored or overwhelmed with loosing weight, or changing my diet, so I never stuck with it for long. They give you the tools and make it easy and fun to maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for you. I now feel more confident, I’ve found more balance, and actually enjoy making healthier choices!!  These guys are the real deal!!

Jimmy Rhoads

Erran and Kim are an energetic and fun team of husband and wife dedicated to healthy living and fitness. Initially, I was skeptical about kettle bell workout because I was not familiar with it, plus with my extensive knee injury history I was not sure it was for me. However, after talking and giving Erran my history; he made me feel at ease and ensured me that he’d tailor my workout to my ability and tolerance. My first trial workout with them was at a local park and I was impressed with their level of personalized care giving to each client. Kim and Erran tailored my workout carefully, guided me through each station and ensured that my form was correct throughout the session. Even though It was a modified workout for me, I still got a really awesome workout. The best part was I felt so nauseous afterward…and this is a feeling of getting a kickass workout as a result. The next day I felt so sore in every body part imaginable. I loved the results of their workout, so I signed up for a monthly pass with them. Oh….I thought I got a hang of their workout routine….you’re wrong, they constantly come up with new routines just to throw you off….but this is why their workout are so effective in confusing your body to burn calories more effectively. I highly recommend everyone to give Team-Kim-Erran a try and you will not be disappointed.

Trista Nguyen

I never exercised, and frankly I hated the idea of it. No being sweaty or stinky for this chick, but I wanted to make healthier decisions and I needed some guidance on where to begin. Kim and Erran are amazing. Their workouts were intense, but the best part is they were 30 minutes or less!!! Not only are they quick and effective, but they can be done in the privacy of your own home. I’m as beginner as they come and Kim and Erran always made me feel so comfortable, and took the time to teach me proper form and technique for every movement we did. Their workouts were always different and never boring. They are full of encouragement, and are willing to show up in anyway they can. Kim also helped me come up with a balanced weekly meal plan, full of healthy, delicious and easy recipes. Cooking always seemed overwhelming to me, but Kim made it fun and easy to do. They are both full of spirit and clearly love what they do. They are enthusiastic, supportive, and they put their heart and souls into everything they do.

Divya Emmanuel

I can’t shout enough praise about Get Fit From Within, they are truly changing the way we take control of our own health, and well being. Kim and Erran are a huge inspiration, not only as individuals but also as a couple! The structure and format of their workouts make it easy to get your workout in anytime and any place. It’s great for beginners,(they give step by step instructions in their demonstration videos) so you feel really comfortable and familiar with each movement- but it’s also awesome for people who are more advanced or athletes. They make gettin your sweat on FUN!! Being healthy isn’t just about the outside, Kim and Erran also provide easy meal suggestions, and daily devotionals to keep you on track, and moving forward in a healthy light. I would highly recommend this health and fitness power couple to anyone who’s ready to get FIT FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!

Katie Thompson

It’s not everyday that you meet a couple like Erran & Kim. They are a high energy dynamic duo that will push you past your limits. Not only will they teach you how to workout & look great physically, but they take a holistic approach to know you and help you grow as a person. I have learned from them that all it takes is willingness & the rest just falls into place. You truly get what you put into it & they will challenge you to be your very best. I like the education I receive on why & how to do certain moves. Especially learning that everything takes a strong core & how to get those rockin abs we’re all after. Nutrition lessons & eating plans are such a plus. Kim really knows her stuff in this aspect! She has perfected tasty recipes that are hard to believe they are good for you because of how yummy they are. Last but not least is that they are natural spiritual guides that talk in down to earth ways but will have you believing in something bigger than yourself. We all struggle, we all want better & they support you in transforming your struggles into strengths. They will lead you in the right direction to get fit from within!

Shannan Church

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