Happy Tuesday!! 

If you’re like us, you are always on the hunt for quick, delicious, and healthy sides to throw together after the end of a long day! The key to tasty Brussels Sprouts, is combining the right spices, and adding a little crunch with each bite, at least in our opinion. This is our go to recipe when we have brussels. They are loaded with flavor, and pack a mean nutriotnal punch. Best part is, they take less than 10 minutes to prepare, and about 25 minutes to cook. Which is how we like it- Quick & Delish!!

Hope you enjoy this video!

Ps don’t judge us for our christmas tree, you weren’t suppose to see that!! LOL!! 

Quick overview to prepare the sprouts

Mix together in tupperware bowl:
-About 2 TBS olive oil
-About 2 TBS Balsamic Vinegar
-1 TBS garlic powder- We use more because we LOVE garlic
-Salt & pepper to taste

-Cut stems from sprouts
-Quarter sprouts into small pieces
-Mix small sprouts in tupperware, and shake it up!!
-Spread sprouts on sprayed cookie sheet
-Cook on 425 for about 20-25 minutes
-For a little extra crunch, put under the broiler for the last few minutes !!

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