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Kim and Erran G are your Favorite, Hilarious, Real, Raw, Down to Earth Travel Couple!! In 2012, Kim and Erran, quit their full time jobs, sold their house, and everything they owned, waved goodbye to their hometowns, and kicked off their wild & crazy adventure of healthcare traveling!!

They have been Nomads since 2012, and have lived all over the US & have travelled all over the world!! You will feel passionate, inspired & be entertained all at the same time as they share their juicy stories from the road, lessons they’ve learned, mistakes they’ve made along the way and everything in between! Kim and Erran hold nothing back, they get down and dirty & will have you laughing your ass off and learning at the same time!!

They like to call it Edutainment!!! 🙂

Warning: They are Bold, Colorful, Honest…and just a little bit Wild (in a good way)… They are super passionate about what they teach, and the lessons they share!!! You can expect each Episode to be Inspiring, Fun, Entertaining, & Value Packed!!

On their podcast, they will answer all of your Travel Q&A’s & share all of their best stories and lessons from healthcare traveling, to global traveling, to creating a life of FREEDOM, to Finding your Passion, to Relationship Chats & so much more!!


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