Travel teaches us that not all individuals follow the same path, uniqueness is good, and some of the richest life lessons come from the most unexpected places.

The paper airplane in our logo embodies the spirit within us. Each paper airplane’s design, journey, and end point is unique, and that is a beautiful thing.

We as healthcare travelers have the unique opportunity to create our own unique design, journey, and end point.  It is within this unique journey that we get the opportunity to spread our own wings and fly, We might fall short of our targeted landing point from time to time, but we pick up where we land, make some adjustments, learn some new lessons, and then we set flight onto another unique path.

This logo not only speaks to us personally, but it encompasses the entire story of our travel lives.

We hope that when you see this logo, you feel inspired and supported, and remember that everyones design, journey, and end point is unique, and that is the beauty of every Healthcare Traveler!!!

Kim and Erran G


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