newbie traveler masterclass

This Masterclass is an overview of life as a Healthcare Traveler. We wanted to give you insight and support while you decided if Traveling is Right For You.  This Masterclass is loaded with a ton of valuable takeaways, and it is just the tip of the IceBerg!!  We hope you enjoy this training, and we can’t wait to help and support you along your journey!!


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Masterclass Part One

We Cover: Pro’s and Con’s of Traveling, Why Knowing Your Why is Important, What are you going to do with your home, stuff, and how your going to travel, gathering documents, traveling with pets, how we pack, and so much more.

Masterclass Part two

We Cover: Finding the Right Company and Recruiters, Questions to Ask When Finding the Right Company/Recruiter, Onboarding, First Steps, Looking For Jobs, Interviews-Why they are so important for Travelers, and so much more. Oh, and of Course Travelers School!!!

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