Our Mindset is everything when living a healthy lifestyle.  You may know all the tools you need, but if you don’t have the mindset you will never stay consistent

We believe that the “Mindset” to staying consistent is based on Three “S’s”.  They are Self-Love, Self-Growth, and Spirituality

Self-Love, Self-Growth, & Spirituality go hand in hand, but each play a different role and function in our overall health, and happiness.

Self Love: Taking the TIME to focus on YOU, and making it a priority to stay connected to yourself. It’s being in alignment with your true self, and showing up for what brings you joy, happiness, fulfillment, and passion. Simply put– MAKING YOUR OWN HAPPINESS AND JOY A PRIORITY EVERYDAY!!

Self Growth: Is the actionable steps you take to work on your own personal growth, learning, and expansion, so you can become grounded in who you are, and be the best version of yourself. It’s taking the TIME to self reflect and get real with yourself.  Self Growth is an individual journey, and it’s not a one size fits all approach. Some may enjoy reading certain books, talking to a counselor, writing, meditating, diving into a spiritual practice ect… Whatever works for you go for it!!! Who wants to stay stagnant & complacent , RIGHT?!! – There is always room for improvment. We all want to expand, grow, and step out as our best selves, and we all can, It just takes some self awareness, attention, and a willingness to change.

Spirituality: When we say spirituality, we mean a spiritual practice of your own understanding, something that resonates with you. It can be going to Church, Yoga, Meditation, Being in nature, Journaling, or listening to music. It’s basically something that grounds & connects you to something on a deeper level. Whatever it is that brings you such joy and ignites that feeling within you of deeper connection, and creative possibilities. Find it and cultivate that relationship, because, it will bring such meaning and purpose into your life, and it will light you up from the inside out!!

All three are equally important in truly living a HAPPY, HEALTHY, BALANCED LIFE FROM THE INSIDE OUT, and all require the same amount of focus, commitment, and desire. We wanted to make The 3 S’s an essential part of our message, because we believe the inner work and clean up, is actually more important than the outer work. While working out and eating clean plays an intricate role in our lives, we believe taking time out for self love, connection, and development is actually more vital to our overall health and happiness. You can eat kale all day, and have 6 pack abs, but if your empty inside and disconnected, your still not going to feel very good. They are all connected!

When we feel balanced, happy, and in alignment with ourselves and our truth, our life usually reflects that, and flows with ease. When we’re feeling angry, hurt or disconnected from ourselves, our lives reflect that as well, and we usually feel stuck. Working on Self love & Development is an opportunity to nurture ourselves and grow everyday!!

This is a safe space where we will share, tips, tools, lessons, personal stories, and riffs on Self Love, Self Growth, & Spirituality. We will share what has helped us along the way, in hopes of inspiring you, and making the journey of self discovery fun, exciting, and routine!!


Kim & Erran

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