The Fundamental style basically is a “Practice Makes Perfect Style” of working out.

Our Monthly Fundamentals involve a combination of body weight, and KettleBell movements.  Fundamentals are designed to be done TWICE a week for 30 days. The objective is to see progression and growth each time you perform the workout.

Set a new goal each time you do the exercise. That may be perfecting your form, doing more reps, adding more weight, or performing the movement for the entire minute with out taking a break. However you want to add a challenge, and push yourself, GO FOR IT, and keep track of your progressions throughout the month. It adds a little extra motivation and focus.

The fundamental workout is a series of approximately 27-30 different movements that you perform one time through for a total of 30-35 minutes. Each exercise will range between 30 sec to 2 minutes. During your “work time” you will go all out and give it your all.(75-85% of Max Heart Rate) There will be a 15 sec rest break in between each movement.

We began this Style at Punch Kettlebell of Janesville, that you can read about in Our Style. We were brand spanking new to KB’s- Kim was swinging with a 10lb and Erran was using a 30lb. In just, just 3 months of adding Fundamental Training into our routine- Kim was swinging a 35lb Kettlebell, and Erran was swinging an 80lb with perfect form. That’s amazing growth.

This style of workout helps you get comfortable with the movements, improves your form and technique. builds strength and power, torches fat and calories, and best of all keeps you motivated & challenged.

Here is a Sneak Peak into our Fundamental Style of Workout. You can either watch the video and workout out with us, or click the link below the video to print the PDF and get your sweat on in your favorite Hot Spot!!

To obtain access to the Full Length Fundamental Workout Video, and our Exercise Library with over 150+ demonstrations of different movements, and receive a monthly fundamental, every month already prepared for you Join our Get Fit From Within Membership Today.


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