1. erran croppedI am a music enthusiast. I would put my life into a soundtrack if I could. I’m not biased and love all genre’s of music. Acoustic guitar is definitely my heart- must be that southern boy in me. 🎶
  1. I can play the Spoons extremely well- What can I say it’s a God given talent.
  1. I am an amazing whistler, and I can pretty much whistle any song out there.
  1. I’m an extreme animal lover, especially PUGS!!!!
  1. I’m madly in love with my beautiful wife- This should actually be number one!!!! 💞
  1. I was an athlete all of my life, and I love playing all sports. (baseball, softball, football, kickball, I love them all.) 🏈⚾️
  1. I started my career as an X-ray Tech, and moved my way up to the lead of my department in Interventional Radiology. I also built the Stanford’ Children’s Interventional Radiology Department, from the ground up. Not to toot my own horn or anything.
  1. I’m teaching myself to play the guitar, and I would love to play on a big stage someday- add it to the list!
  1. I love love love to swing!! Like, front porch swinging. 😎That is my sweet spot, and where I go to sit clear my head, and get centered. I can sit on a swing, or really anything that rocks for hours.
  1. I am the master of party tricks- I can juggle like a boss, and I even have a few very clever, very entertaining card tricks up my sleeve. 🎩


  1. kim croppedI’ve always had a serious case of the travel bug!! I love everything about it, even the whole airport, TSA experience. I know sounds crazy right, but It’s all part of the travel charm! I have a scratch off world map on the wall, as my inspiration. There are still a lot of places that need to be scratched off- but I’m working on it!
  1. I name everything, and I mean everything. I feel like all things have a soul and need to have a name to match their quirky personality. My car’s name is Stassi, and she’s a Sassy Little BEEP!!
  1. I’m totally obsessed with board games!! My competitive nature comes out swinging when those dice get rolling. I was temporarily suspended from games of all kinds for a little bit, by my amazing husband 😡- apparently I get a little too carried away sometimes!! I’m proud to say the ban has been lifted and I’m back in the game!! So far no one has gotten slapped. 😱🎲
  2. Even though he bans me from board games, I’m totally obsessed and in love with my husband. 💑
  1. I’m skeered of the dark, and I just recently gave up my nightlight less than a year ago. 👀
  1. I started my career as a Sonographer AKA -I do Ultrasounds- And no, not the Ultrasounds where you get to Ooo and Ahh and look at babies all day!! I had the privilege to look at livers, ovaries, veins, arteries, kidneys, testicles, uteri, you know all the other fun stuff!!
  1. I still have my childhood teddy bear (don’t judge me LOL) His name is Mr. Sugar Bear, and he sits on my nightstand and watches me sleep at night. He’s a little stinky, so he’s not allowed in the bed anymore.
  1. I love the outdoors, and I feel the most connected when I’m in nature. The Ocean is my sweet spot, and where I go when I want to feel connected and inspired!
  1. My guilty pleasure, is eating pretzels and hummus and binge watching The Real Housewives of any city!! Oh and Vanderpump Rules- SOOOOO GOOD!!
  1. I love Filthy Grey Goose Martini’s! Oh yea the dirtier the better!! Extra Extra olives! 2 of these bad boys and I blow up like the Michelin Man- I love salt!! So yummy!! 🍸

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