The Every Minute On the Minute is a style that will increase your heart rate, burn fat, torch calories, and help build coordination. It epitomizes the Train Smarter, Not Longer philosophy.  We learned this style with a Tacfit trainer, in Wisconsin. We took the Tacfit philosophy and added our own twist!!

All the workouts are between 20 and 25 minutes long, not including a warm-up or cool-down.  EMOM are methodically planned movements that are easy to transition in and out of.  The workouts are designed for maximum speed and natural body movements.  This style will build functional power, stamina, endurance, agility, and coordination.

How It Works:

The timer will be set for 20 or 25 minutes. Once the timer begins it counts down from there without pausing. Every minute you begin a new movement, working your way through the list. The goal is to move through each exercise as quickly as possible, while still maintaining good form. Whatever time that’s left within that minute, is your rest time. You will begin the next exercise when the next minute begins. There are usually 5-6 different movements, you will keep cycling through, until the timer is up.


Timer starts at 25:00 minutes, you start your workout, you finish your 1st round at 24:20, you now have 20 seconds to rest before you start again.  Once the timer hits 24:00 you start round 2- which means you move on to the next movement on the list. This continues until the clock hits 00:00.

Since this is only a 20-25 minute workout, you really want to push yourself, and go all out. Again don’t bring the same intensity you would bring for an hour workout, your just jipping yourself.

The Technique We Learned to Recovery Faster:

You are training your body to recovery quickly, during these short breaks. Stand up, shake out your legs, arms, and face, yes FACE, and give big explosive exhales or sighs.  These explosive exhales are called, “survival” breaths. They will teach your body to switch immediately from sympathetic, which is responsible for our 4 F’s (Fight, Flight, Feast, and yes Fornicating💕) to the parasympathetic which slows the heart rate, and calms the body.  The heart rate slows on exhale and increases on inhale.

Taking short breaths through the nose and explosive exhales out the mouth, will help slow the heart rate way down and get you ready to explode for another minute.  This is a great learning tool for any workout you do.

Here is a Sneak Peak into our EMOM Style of Workout. You can either watch the video and workout out with us, or click the link below the video to print the PDF and get your sweat on in your favorite Hot Spot!!

To obtain access to the Full Length EMOM Workout Video, and our Exercise Library with over 150+ demonstrations of different movements, Join our Get Fit From Within Membership Today.

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