Travelers School

This is our Step by Step, Lesson by Lesson 8 Module Online Course.

Travelers School walks you through everything there is to know about traveling in the most organized, streamlined, effecient way possible!!

We cover everything from Pay Packages, to Finding the Right Recruiters, to Negotiations, To Maximizing Pay, To Interviews, To Tax Homes, To Resume Building, To Finding Your Own Housing, & Everything In Between!! 

TS is a container of Knowledge, Community, Inspiration, Menorship & Support!! 

Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs Private Facebook Group

 Our Facebook Group is filled with the coolest…supportive community of Travelers Out There!!

There are tons of Trainings, Tips & Resources for travelers to explore inside the group!

This is the place to come and learn about the travel industry + connect with other like minded travel friends!

YouTube Adventure and Training Videos 

We do weekly educational videos for Healthcare Travelers + We share all of our global travel adventures to inspire you & help you plan for your time off!! 

We are getting ready to start a year long trip around the world & we will be doing a daily travel vlog on our channel!

Guide To All Things Money As A Traveler

Free Mini Training to learn about how we MAKE MONEY as Travelers!! 

Behind The Curtain Mini Course

Free mini course to help new travelers learn the basics & get started!! 

Freedom In Scrubs Podcast

Our Podcast is where we let loose,  have FUN, answer all of your Travel Q’s & talk about our lives as Healthcare Travelers!! 

We share crazy travel stories, lessons we’ve learned on the road, travel planning tips & tricks & so much more!!! 

We Release a New Episode Every Single Tuesday!! 

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