We both fell in love with Circuit Training and we do this style a few times a week.  It’s fast paced, and effective. Our circuits are both cardio, and resistance training all in one, thanks to our workout buddy-  THE KETTLEBELL!

Our circuits are 9-10 different exercises including both body weight, and KB movements.  Each exercise is performed for one minute, followed by 15-20 secs to recover. During the minute of work the goal is to challenge yourself, and go all out for the full minute.  Don’t bring the same intensity you would to an hour workout or your defeating the purpose. You want to push yourself to the point where you feel like you couldn’t go for one more second- about 75-85% of your max heart rate.

You complete each round 3x, making it about a 30 minute workout. Circuits are a fat torching, calorie burning, cardiovascular improving, muscle building, quick and fun way to work out.

Here is a Sneak Peak into our Circuit Style of Workout. You can either watch the video and workout out with us, or click the link below the video to print the PDF and get your sweat on in your favorite Hot Spot!!

To obtain access to the Full Length Circuit Workout Video, and our Exercise Library with over 150+ demonstrations of different movements, Join our Get Fit From Within Membership Today.

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