So as you know, we are preparing for this life changing transition- count down…..4 DAYS!!!

Leading up to GO TIME, has been super exciting, challenging and scary all at the same time!!

We’ve sold pretty much everything we owned….except for a few boxes and some clothes, and we are stepping out from our 9-5’s, which we have both been in for almost 10 years!!!

We are diving head first into uncharted territory….and plunging once again into unknown….

So the other day, we had a total melt down!! WE woke up..and both of us, just out of the blue, felt incredible anxious, overwhelmed, and full of fear..

These were the thoughts that were running through our minds…

  • What if we don’t make enough money
  • What if we have to come back before were ready
  • What if we have to take a hospital job, to make more money
  • What if our business doesn’t grow
  • We sold everything we owned…WTF!!
  • WE have nothing….LITERALLY

So we broke down….we literally lost our sh*t….we cried…..we questioned our plan..we got mad …we felt frustrated that it felt so hard…..we doubted..…

It wasn’t pretty, but it was so needed… was a huge RELEASE!!!

So we share this with you, because there was a gorgeous lesson at the end of it all….This was a lesson we so deeply needed…and this is a step most of us, including us, often bypass…..

We allowed ourselves to just FEEL whatever was coming up for us!! WE ALLOWED ourselves to feel feel crazy…to feel fearful…

  • We didn’t try to throw a positive affirmation on it
  • We didn’t push the feelings under the rug
  • We didn’t try to make ourselves feel better
  • We didn’t want to see things differently in that moment,
  • We didn’t want to STAY POSITIVE in that moment
  • We didn’t want to TURN IT AROUND in that moment

WE just wanted to be in our CRAZY for bit!!

When we were ready…key word….READY….then we allowed ourselves to dig into our tool box, and bring ourselves back to peace..back to the truth…back to love!!

And some pretty awesome revelations and stuff came out on the other side of that it usually always does right…..

But the take away is…..we needed to go through the storm FIRST…Before we could have our breakthroughs!!

WE share this with you, because, This is a very important, often overlooked, step in our healing process….in our growing process!

Especially all of us living our life through spiritual principles..we often times want to keep our thoughts positive, and happy…and throw out positive affirmations…which don’t get us wrong, all of those things are extremely effective and powerful….when it’s the right time!!!

But first you gotta let yourself get into and get super intimate with your CRAZY….Call it by name and let her/him out of it’s cage- Let it run wild!!!

No judgment, No filters, NO censorship, No quieting down the fear……             IMG_3412

Just go with it… let the feelings take over…allow yourself to be free and to embrace your crazy…SCREAM…CRY..PUNCH A PILLOW….FEEL LOST…FEEL SAD…FEEL ALONE…FEEL SCARED…

Go there…..and trust when your ready to come out…you’ll know…Then it’s time to grab your tools and get to work- and trust that there is something so incredible waiting for you on the other side!!!

It may not turn out to be exactly what you thought you wanted, or you may be detoured in another direction entirely, but trust that you will receive exactly what you NEED to take YOUR NEXT STEP!!

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Kim & Erran

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