A.M.R.A.P (As Many Rounds As Possible)

AMRAP is a great way to workout if your short on time, but still want to get in an awesome sweat session. They are quick yet effective, and can range anywhere from 9-20 minutes. You really want to bring your A game with this one. You want to give it your all, and really push yourself. If you bring the same intensity you would to an hour long workout, well your just cheating yourself. We give you permission to go balls to the wall!!

AMRAP’s are also built for speed, so the exercises are intended to flow with one another. The goal is to end one movement, and be able to transition in the next quicky, so you reduce your overall rest time. Remember this is quick, so your here to work people!!!

This workout is, what you put into it. Show up, and set the intention to really push yourself. If your just floppin around for 15 minutes, you might as well have just stayed on the couch. Your doing yourself a disservice!

How It Works:

You work down from 20,15,12,10,8,5,3 and end with a 100-400 meter run.

For Example:

  • 20 – Jumping Jacks
  • 15 – KB swings
  • 10 – Dead lifts
  • 8 – Atomic Planks
  • 6 – Push ups
  • 5 – Star Jumps
  • 3 – Burpee’s
  • 1* – Run (200-400m) or Jumping Jacks (1 minute) or Jump Rope (1 minute)

*Run – If you aren’t in a area you can run, do 1 minute of Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope, with or without a rope- you can just do the motion- aim for 100/min pace. Or if your in a gym you could row for a minute. Use what you have available to you, just do a movement that really gets your heart rate up.

You would set the timer for 20 minutes or whatever you’ve decided (we typically do 20 minutes) and just keep cycling through each movement until the timer goes off! NO BREAKS!!

Here is a Sneak Peak into our AMRAP Style of Workout. You can either watch the video and workout out with us, or click the link below the video to print the PDF and get your sweat on in your favorite Hot Spot!!

To obtain access to the Full Length AMRAP Workout Video, and our Exercise Library with over 150+ demonstrations of different movements, Join our Get Fit From Within Membership Today.

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