In 2012 Our Lives Were Changed………

In August of 2012, we sold our home and everything we owned, loaded the rest of our stuff into two vehicles, and hit the road for an adventure of a lifetime.

Since that infamous day, we have been traveling as healthcare professionals, specializing in Ultrasound and IR, ever since!!  

This decision we made in 2012 has opened up our lives to opportunties that we could have never imagined


 As we started traveling, we noticed that there wasn’t any resources out there that guided travelers along their journey.  

We didn’t know about Bill Rates, Call/OT Rates, How To Find the Right Companies, What Traveling Was Really Like…

So we started with our free Facebook Group Travel Life Freedom In Scrubs and that has turned into the first ever comprehensive course for healthcare Travelers called Travelers School.


Along with Travelers School we have a ton of free resources available for you to get started on the right track!!



We do a ton of Logistical Trainings for Healthcare Travelers, that we wanted an outlet for us to express a totally different side of us.  

We wanted to inspire other travelers by sharing our stories and lessons we have learned from being on the road since 2012.  

We share everything from Tips for Travelers, to Relationships, to Side Hustles, and everything in between!!


We Travel as much as we can, #HealthcareTravelingBenefits!!  

We work a couple contracts and then take months off to travel this beautiful World.  

We would love to have you Join us in person on our adventures, but if can’t come in person just yet…We would love for you to follow along with us on Instagram and YouTube!! It’s pretty much like you are there with us!! 

Adventures Fill Your Soul!!


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