Our Mission:

To give travelers, no matter where they are on their journey, all the Resources, Tips, Tools, Support, Inspiration, Guidance, and Confidence they need….to have the most INCREDIBLE…SUCCESSFUL..FUN…ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!! AKA…TRAVEL LIFE FREEDOM IN SCRUBS!!

What People Are Saying About The Course

"As a newbie still on my first contract, I had no clue what to ask my recruiter or what to expect once on assignment. I just knew I was ready to take the leap into traveling. I had previously spoken with both Kim and Erran, picking their brains about key points. When they came out with their travel course, it was a no brainer to get it. I’m half way through and I’ve learned so much. Questions to ask when interviewing, pay package details and recruiter red flags. This has been such a fun, inspirational course not only on a career level but a personal level. I’ve taken their “know your why” and have been implementing into my personal life. Kim and Erran have both the life and career that I aspire to have. This course is definitely a key to making that happen." 


I purchased the course for its packaging, hoping that my husband and I would go through it together. Otherwise, I would just be showing him random Youtube videos about my idea of traveling, but the impact isn't the same. He is a virgo, very organized and needs to research everything before he tries or buys! This course is clearly outlined, easy to follow and fun! It keeps us entertained and we love to follow Mimi around the screen, too 🙂 Oh my gosh--Online Course Module 1, Lesson 1: My husband and I filled out our "Know your why" worksheets this evening. I've known him since we were 13 yrs old, and many cool things were revealed to each other during this exercise. I feel like this course provides a STRONG foundation upon which to build our travel life together. There is no other resource out there like it! The course is clearly outlined, easy to follow, very informative and fun! It is most definitely worth the money as an investment for my future. With this course, I feel emboldened, empowered and enlightened as a practitioner about to embark on a travel life adventure! I believe in you and your mission. Shine on!!!


I purchased Kim and Erran's Freedom In Scrubs Online Course. This is the best advice anyone can get if they want to be a traveler, or even for those who are already a traveling The modules have taught me so much already. I was asked to extend at my current contract, and after watching the module on negotiations I felt prepared and confident going ino the talks. I knew what to ask for, and most importantly I understood why I was asking for it! Because of the tips and tools I learned from that module, I was able to get $5.00 more per hour, I got extra money to buy scrubs, and a $600 bonus. That's $3400 extra bucks I made on just this one extension!! I didn't even know you should make more money on extensions before watching this course!! These modules will put money in your pocket. I'm so happy to have Kim and Erran around, and I feel this course is definetly going to make me an Empowered Traveler.



The Freedom In Scrubs Online Course is the Ultimate Guide for becoming a Successful Healthcare Traveler


Each module takes you step by step in sequential order from the beginning process of deciding to travel all the way to getting through your first contract. 


Each module is broken down into small bite sized lessons!

Module 1 : Prepping To Go Module 2: Understanding The Pay Package Module 3: Finding The Right Recruiter/Company Module 4: Interviewing Skills/Resumes/Jobs Module 5: What You can Negotiate & HOW Module 6: Finding Housing Module 7: How To Be A Rockstar Traveler & Have The Best Experience!


We will be there to suport you every step of the way. We created a Private Facebook Group for course members only, where you can connect with us and other travelers.

We've also included a FREE 45 minute one on one call with us... where you can pick our brain and ask us anything!! 



We believe your mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle, and the most powerful tool you have on this journey. None of the practical stuff matters, if your mindset isn't right. That's why we wanted to sprinkle in some nuggets of mindset wisdom throughout this course. Every module ends with what what we like to call The Mindset Maxim. 


We have included worksheets, checklists, and other references to help guide you through this course. Each one is downloadable and they will help you move through the course with more ease and support.


We've included an amazing and consistently growing bonus section, full of fun and informative videos. We Interview travel tax experts, RV Travelers, and so much more! We also throw in our Workout and Nutrition date base which is loaded with tons of healthy living tips...workouts and recipes!!  

Traveler School is Gaining Travelers who have Already Enrolled Thousands of Extra Dollars Per Contract You Get To Enroll in Travelers School and Have Lifetime Access For Only:


(or choose a payment plan that best fits your needs)

Travelers School is For ALL Travelers

Travelers School is great for all travelers, no matter where you are on your travel journey. Whether your a dreamer of traveling or a veteran traveler, this course will benefit you and your journey in some way. 

We traveled for years without knowing some of the most important stuff we teach you in this course. We wasted a lot of time and left a lot of money on the table. 

When you know the right questions to ask, and you understand how everything works you feel Empowered, Confident and In Control showing up for your new adventure...and that feeling is PRICELESS!!!


A Word From Kim and Erran G

"Traveling will take you on the most incredible adventure, both internally and externally, and it will change you in the most beautiful way if you allow it to! So buckle up and get ready for the wildiest ride of your life! We are here to support you every step of the way!"